Authorised Retailers

Below is a list of Geckota's trusted retailers.


WatchGecko is a UK based watch strap and watch retailer. This is where you can access our entire range of products. WatchGecko features all of our newest stock, deals and pre-orders, all neatly packed into a few categorised pages for your viewing pleasure.

Klokker & Reimer

Klokker & Reimer is our Norway based retailer who offers a wide range of some of our best products to date.


NejPanskeHodinky is an authorised retailer within the Czech Republic. They focus on selling our genuine Geckota® watches.


Kellotarvike is our authorised retailer based in Finland. They offer a variety of our most popular straps, from nylon to leather.

"The idea was born when I couldn't find any good quality watch straps in Finland."

Royal Straps

Royal Straps is an online retailer of many Geckota branded products based in Sweden. Their store offers a taste of all of our products.

"At Royal Straps we find high quality watches and watch straps and sell them at reasonable prices."

Watch Band Center

Watch Band Center is a Geckota authorized retailer based in Oranienburg - a small town on the edge of Berlin, Germany. They focus on selling our Geckota® branded watch straps.