Our Straps

Our High-Quality Strap Range

Specialising in quality watch straps means that we source our products from only a handful of trusted suppliers. We have built up a rapport with each supplier, and this enables us to provide the best products for our customers. An increasing number of our products are now handmade to our own specifications.

We source our straps from some of the best known companies in the industry, companies like Germany's Staib and Italy's Bonetto Cinturini. These companies also supply the Swiss watch industry's biggest names so you can be sure of the quality of their products.

Huge variety of styles and materials

Here at Geckota we offer a good range of watch strap designs that come in many colours and material variations. From our Geckota branded leather and metal straps to the ZULUDIVER rubber and nylon straps. There's something here for every watch enthusiast.

Our Leather

We offer a range of leather straps (bands) that are made with high-quality italian and genuine leather. We put a lot of thought into the finish and quality of our products, to make them durable and a pleasure to look at.

Our Metal

We work with many major suppliers, such as Germany's STAIB, to bring you the Geckota metal straps range. We offer a variety of types of metal straps, from the easily-adjustable mesh straps to solid link oyster and super engineer straps and more.

Our Rubber

As with our other products, we put quality and value at the top of our priorities, that's why most of our rubber straps are made with high quality rubber, such as italian rubber and many of them are supplied by the well respected Bonetto Cinturini.

Our Nylon

We offer a huge variety of nylon straps, from NATO straps to two piece waterproof nylon straps. With our nylon straps we really focus on durability of the strap and to make sure that your watch is securely attached to you even during the most extreme of sports.