It’s that time of year again! Every year Black Friday sales seem to get bigger and better for many online companies, however, at Geckota we do things a little differently. For the past few years, we’ve introduced ‘Black November’. Rather than there only being one day at the end of the month where you have to quickly rush to the site to get watch straps for a bargain, we’ve stretched the deals out for the whole of the November.

How Black November works here at Geckota

It’s pretty simple. November sees lots of watch straps and products discounted and added to our sale section on the Geckota site. Every Friday of the month we then add different products refreshing the discounted offerings! Be sure to keep an eye on our social channels (@geckota) and make sure you’re subscribed to our newsletter to hear about these new offers as they happen.

What’s on sale this week?

Think of this article as your one-stop shop to learn about all the new deals for the week. Oh, by the way, we also have a few surprises planned on certain weeks including some fan favourite ‘packs’...

Week 1 of Black November 2020

Dedworth Distresso Leather - now £14
Classic Rivet Berwick - now £44
Collingham Metal - now £15
Kington Shorter Length - now £12
Square Tip Perforated - now £6

Geckota G-01 39mm Space Age Watch - now £150
Geckota C-01 BoR Bracelet Chronograph Watch - now £130

Week 2 of Black November 2020

Spexhill Leather - now £12
Waxed Aspen Leather - now £24
Classic Berwick Bracelet - now £26
Ashbourne Leather - now £8
Prescott Rally Leather - now £10

Geckota C-04 Racing Watch - now £149

Week 3 of Black November 2020

Diamond Quilted Leather - now £18
Classic Warrington - now £30
Beswick Novonappa - now £24
Geckota R-01 Rectangular Watch - now £99

Week 4 of Black November 2020

Edwyn Leather - now £32
Vintage Winchester QR - now £14
Flat Top Berwick - now £24
ZULUDIVER Vintage Canvas ZULU- now £8

Geckota C-01 VK64 Racing Chronograph Watch - now £130