There are so many choices when it comes to women’s watches, ranging from different shapes and sizes to suit everyone's taste. It is no secret it can be tough to choose at times. As far as the different types of watches go, a dress watch would be my personal favourite. I tend to choose these types of watches as they are designed to be elegant with a minimalist structure to their dial and strap. This helps these watches work in both everyday functions as well as formal occasions.

It was very hard to choose my favorite Geckota R-01 as there are so many different straps that match just one of the options. However, I decided the mother of pearl dial was the one for me. It is like nothing I own at the moment. I favour leather and mesh straps which is why I normally pair it with a pink or black leather strap or if I wanted a full metal look, our classic mesh strap in polished.

I enjoyed wearing my Geckota R-01 because the design of the dial avoids feeling crowed with simple clean details. This helps the watch to look more modern while keeping its unique vintage vibes. When most of us think about a watch we tend to picture a round case, so when the R-01 arrived it's unique case shape stood out and caught my attention straight away. Rectangular shaped watches have been worn by some very well known respected women including the likes of Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, Meghan Markle, and Princess Diana.

When I wear my Geckota R-01 it makes me feel more confident due to its powerful, unique but classic look. It stands out amongst the other dress watches (in a good way!). The Geckota R-01 draws more attention and compliments from people around me when compared to a round dress watch. To me this indicates that despite it being their primary function, watches are so much more than just a device to tell us the time.

Usually, watches are astounding pieces of engineering and they're an amazing way of completing your outfit and displaying personal style, all while demonstrating a personal sense of taste. Your watch is saying a fair bit about you. In my opinion, there are no limitations when you could wear the Geckota R-01. I have found myself to styling this watch with a nice evening dress on a leather strap. If I am wearing something more formal, I would go for a simple, sleek dark leather strap. For more of the casual day to day outfits I would choose Milanese mesh strap.

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