As much as I love purposeful substantial tool watches, traditionally designed definitive dress watches are the watches that helped me fall in love with horology. Their ability to ooze class and act as a time capsule back to when wearing considered suits and driving non-cookie-cutter cars was a daily occurrence.

The Geckota R-01 Watch and my daily wear - Image Credit: Geckota

As someone who is fortunate to regularly rotate up to three watches a day for my work, wrist real-estate is in hot demand. Yet somehow there is always enough time for the Geckota R-01. For a new release, the watch manages to instantly take me back to my first steps into horology with every wear.

My R-01 of choice is the Classic version with the white dial with blued indices and hands. I tend to reserve my R-01 for dressier situations which is why I’ve paired it with the Bexley Black Matt Croc leather. This combination is a quintessential rectangular watch look...and for good reason.

The watch and strap together produce an incredibly versatile end product matching grey, black or blue suits without missing a beat.

If you have a larger wrist, don’t be put off by the R-01’s stats. My wrist comes in just over 7 inches and the R-01 is comfortable and sensible in it’s fit. This is a classic case of the strength of a watches design overriding the physical dimensions of the watch. The subtly flared case, the purposely substantial lugs and its multi-faceted appearance give the piece a strong definitive look.

This R-01 isn’t reserved for the small wrist collectors.

My R-01 is a compact time capsule on the wrist that takes me back to my first love in watches. It’s comfort, class and character find me reaching for it more often than many other more expensive watches in my collection. And for those times when I want to wear it in a more casual environment, I simply throw it on another strap and it’s ready to go.

Whether worn in a dress or casual environment, my Geckota R-01 is a pillar of my watch collection - and it’s here to stay.

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