Hello and welcome to another issue of the Designer's Notebook.

Today we will be showing you some brand new design concepts for the G-02 range! On both the Geckota & WatchGecko Instagram accounts we have been releasing some of these designs in order to get feedback and really involve the community in the development and design of the range.

So far we have developed 2 new styles in the range, one being further inspired by our space age range (watches such as the E-01 & G-01) by bringing in the vertically brushed fumé gradient dial, as well as incorporating a raw steel bezel, we have also included our latest version of the Geckota logo for a slightly more modern and clean style compared to the very vintage style of the previous G-02.

Also without the logo change:

Next up something a bit more familiar, these concepts are made to extend the current G-02 range with some new dial and bezel colours.

We would love to hear your feedback on these posts, so be sure to let us know what your favourite design is in the comments below. Also make sure to follow the Geckota Instagram, WatchGecko Instagram as well as as joining the Geckota Owners Club Facebook Group to be able to get involved in all watch development discussions.

As always, thanks for reading!