Hello and welcome to another issue of the Designer's Notebook.

Today I will give you the first look into the new handset to be found on the upcoming Geckota tourbillon.


The new Geckota Tourbillon handset.

Featuring Geckota's own custom design, which was first seen on a 2019 concept I've talked about before. This new handset has been crafted from solid stainless steel & then heat tempered to it's beautiful blue hue. This handset is mainly building upon our 'Space Age' design language and takes inspiration from many classic designs. It also aids in setting the time massively for this model as the counterbalance to the minutes hand mean you can be more accurate if needing to set the time above the tourbillon carriage. This was one of the main issues we wanted to fix from the first limited edition run of T-01's, as the tourbillon opening is so big it essentially cuts out the 5, 6 and 7 indices from the dial.



Meticulous attention to detail mean that they are legible in almost every light condition.

As the hands are heat blued, they needed to be crafted from stainless steel which meant that they are slightly thicker than standard brass hands found on most modern watches. This thickness plays only to strengths for this handset, as you can see in the image above the extra thickness allows for more curved detail, meaning that the hands are legible no matter which angle the light is shining from. If you have a keen eye you may also notice the 'Whiskey Glass' textured dial & some other new details that build upon the design of the original model.


Thanks for reading and be sure to look out for future episodes of the Designer's Notebook, where you can expect exclusive sneaks peeks behind the scenes of Geckota watch development. We would also love to hear what you think of these new design features and what you would change.

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