Hello and welcome to another issue of the Designer's Notebook.

Today we have another gallery of images, this time of a brand new dial variant coming to the 2019 Geckota Tourbillon. This one features many of the new design cues that I have discussed before for the Geckota 2019 range. Such as the gold tones, whiskey glass inspired dial texture, new custom Geckota hands & also a concave bezel! This time you can see we have only used gold tones throughout the dial while retaining the silver case - this helps to preserve the understated appeal that the Geckota Tourbillon currently has, but the new warmth of the dial completely transforms the watch and offers a strong vintage style.


A concave bezel can be found on this latest version of the Geckota Tourbillon. This helps it to wear less tall on the wrist and balances with the flowing curves of the lugs.


The whiskey dial inspired dial texture can also be found on this watch, in a very dark grey which contrasts well against the gold tones.


The 2019 edition of the Geckota Tourbillon also features refinements to the overall design of the watch, such as the new chamfered detail on the edge of the hour track & also the area that separates the minutes from the hours.


The metallic tones of the tourbillon carriage are perfectly complemented by the gold on the dial and the silver of the case.

I hope you have enjoyed this quick look into what we have been working on recently, feel free to let us know what you think in the comments below.


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