These Popular Products Have Been A Long Time In The Making

We had been talking about the workshop range concept for a long time before finally being in a position to commit to the project.  The concept is simple, all of the watches will be made in very small numbers, and we will be more experimental in our designs and the materials and movements used.

For the first models in the range we decided to use two Chinese made mechanical movements.  Now, all watch enthusiasts have an opinion about Chinese movements, some will love them, some will hate them.  Many of our suppliers will not touch them, "too many problems" they say, and "they are not reliable, and we don't have the tools to repair them".  But not all watchmakers think this way, and earlier in the year we were pleased and excited to receive a small number of samples of watch from our new workshop range.  We disassembled the watches and tested them over a long period of time to make sure that they were well made and would be reliable.

The watches are beautiful, with acrylic crystals and highly polished details on the dial, hands and case.  The collection launched with two models initially available.  Made in a total batch of 100 pieces per model, this small quantity was further split into 3 subtly different variations.

The Geckota W-01 "Jump Hour" dress watch

The first is the Geckota W-01 "Jump Hour".  The jumping hour is a rarely seen complication, certainly at this price point.  The watch has only one hand, indicating the minutes.  The hour is indicated by the rotating disc, visible through the window at the 12H position.   The hour indicator instantly jumps over to the next number when the hour advances.

Geckota W-01 TY2709 Jump Hour Watch

Geckota W-01 TY2709 Jump Hour Watch

For this model we use the Chinese Sea-Gull TY2709 Automatic "Jumping Hour" movement.

The Geckota W-02 Mechanical Chronograph dress watch

The second of the initial two releases is the W-02, a hand wound mechanical chronograph.

Our customers have been telling us for as long as I can remember that we should make a mechanical chronograph.  For the reasons mentioned above we were unable to do it.  But following discussions with a number of alternative suppliers, and as our own expertise and capabilities has evolved, we decided to embark on this project and the results speak for themselves.

The watch uses the well respected Sea-Gull ST1901 hand wound movement.  This movement is a Venus 175 design which dates from around 1940, the rights to the design along with all of the machinary were sold to the Chinese company Tianjin (which later became Tianjin Sea-Gull) in 1961.

Geckota W-02 Mechanical Chronograph ST19 Movement

Geckota W-02 Mechanical Chronograph

Both watches have been hugely popular and only very limited numbers of them remain in stock, so if you are interested, get your W-01 or W-02 while they are still available.