The 1/1 Geckota Watch

The 1/1 Geckota Watch

As many of us in the UK are aware, at the start of June we had an extra bank holiday in order to celebrate the Queens platinum jubilee, meaning she has been reigning for 70 years. As a UK based company we decided to celebrate this unprecedented anniversary by bringing our customers a unique opportunity to own something special.

As a watch microbrand we like to experiment a lot with our designs and as part of this process we sometimes end up with one off watches. This process allows us to make any amendmants to the overall design before production and gives us a real life visual representation of how certain colours and dial textures may look, although we can render our watches to a realistic standard we will never truly know how a watch looks until we have it in our hands.

Geckota G-01 purple automatic watch on wrist

The G-01 Arctic edition was introduced in 2021 as an addition to our original G-01 range of watches, taking influences from the Universal Geneve Polerouter with a dial look that is inspired by the Polerouter's fluted chapter ring and markers. You can read more about the history of the Polerouter and the influence it had on the design of the Arctic edition here.

 Geckota G-01 purple automatic watch laid on table

As part of the design process, as is the same with many of our watches, we tried out a load of different colours. One of these included purple and as striking as the purple was we decided to stick with red and blue for the main line up. And so the purple G-01 Arctic edition sat in our collection of archived watches gathering dust, until today.

We decided to open up the chance for the public to own a piece of Geckota history by purchasing an unreleased 1/1 Geckota watch. As it's a special occasion we also decided to donate a percentage of the overall watch purchase to charity and so 15% of the winning bid was donated to the British Red Cross Society.