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The Best Travel Watches For 2020

The Best Travel Watches For 2020

Explore the top suggestions for watches to wear while travelling here...

You don’t have to be a die-hard watch enthusiast to realise that wearing a watch when travelling is hugely beneficial. Convenience and comfort should be near the top of your priorities when on the move and unsurprisingly this rule is equally true when it comes to watches. Although the versatility of watches remains impressively high, it’s always nice to have some options when on the road that are a little more tailored to certain environments. So whether you’re travelling for work or taking a more relaxed trip, these watches should be your go-to options when that passport comes out...

The day of travel: The Geckota E-01 Gen2 Exploration Watch

The Geckota E-01 Gen2 Exploration Watch Available Here!
Commonly known as the day where you hope all of your plans come together in a smooth efficient way, travelling days only work when irrelevant things are kept to a minimum and you surround yourself with the least amount of clutter. In steps the Geckota E-01 Gen2 Exploration Watch. Think of this as the ‘important documents’ holder you have with you throughout the airport. It only carries significant information for you making your life just that little bit easier.
The Geckota E-01 Gen2 Exploration Watch Available Here!
The large unique minute hand ensures it’s incredibly easy to quickly work out how long is left until your flight boards and the 24-hour bezel makes things nice and simple if you’re timezone hopping and you’re left confused as to what part of the day you now find yourself. The reduced size at 36.5mm and it’s thickness coming in just shy of 12mm means it’s not going to get in the way or be noticeable; only when you need it.

Time in the sun: The Geckota C-01 Gen 2 Racing Chronograph Watch

The Geckota C-01 Gen 2 Racing Chronograph Watch Available Here!
If you’re fortunate to be landing somewhere warm, then you’re going to want something a little different for sunny days. Bright colours, bold cases and compelling designs should be your go-to features here. In steps the latest Geckota C-01 Racing Chronograph in the new yellow option. This 70s inspired chronograph just got a whole lot more 70s with the addition of this new bright dial. The soft yellow tone to the dial is only as good as the colour which complements it and brings it out even more… and this time it’s a deep shade of blue.
The Geckota C-01 Gen 2 Racing Chronograph Watch Available Here!
What makes this pops even more so is a healthy dose of sunshine. The deployment leather strap in black ensures all the focus is on the pop of colour that exudes from the dial. The icing on the cake is the all polished case which is another aspect that plays with the light.

Warm evenings: The Geckota G-01 39mm Space Age Watch

The Geckota G-01 39mm Space Age Watch Available Here!
For those times when the sun starts to set and you want to put away your C-01 and wear something that retains a certain amount of pop but is a little more serious, you’ll want to go for the new 39mm G-01 with the yellow gold-coloured case. A gold case has a different type of reaction to the sun, giving off a much warmer, soft look. This combined with the mixture of brushed and polished finishes makes it is a fantastic option for those golden hour moments abroad. This watch is currently not available, however, you can register your interest on the site here!

Daily chilling: The Geckota C-04 Space Age Chronograph

The Geckota C-04 Space Age Chronograph Available Here!
Sometimes when you’re travelling you just want a versatile watch you can throw on and not have to worry about. Maybe you’re off somewhere last minute and you need a reliable watch that you can depend upon. This is where the Geckota C-04 Space Age Chronograph. These new chronographs introduce clever inclusions of colour to ensure that your watch doesn’t look too serious in appearance. Much like the C-01, this playful is only enhanced when it meets the warm sun. The proportions are spot-on for a range of wrist sizes in all manner of situations. We would suggest keeping it on the Warrington as it’s a brilliantly breathable metal strap that really adds value to the watches aesthetic.

Smart wear - The Geckota W-02 Chronograph Racing Watch

The Geckota W-02 Chronograph Racing Watch Available Here!
If you’re travelling for work, the likelihood is you’ll probably have some times when you’ll have to dress a little smarter. Even if you are travelling on holiday, having a clean, smart, more elegant watch is worth having as an option. The W-02 Chronograph will fit the bill perfectly. To start with the case comes in at 37mm wide. Much like the C-01, the case is fully polished, which on the W-02 which makes it feel very special. The watch also has a great level of contrast thanks to the panda dial configuration. This really helps with its universal and classic appeal. The final touch is the use of acrylic crystal covering the dial. A watch full of character and class.

Something Sporty - The Geckota C-03 Racing Watch

The Geckota C-03 Racing Watch Available Here!
Now although we have shown the C-03 here at a race track, the watch is a brilliant option for all manner of sports. With a water resistance rating of 200 metres and a rotating bezel, the C-03 has capabilities in line with diving watches. This makes the watch ideal for water-based sports (if you’re into scuba diving, this one will look after you). Things are kept simple with the C-03 with large luminous hands and a simple yet effective design resulting in a watch that makes you want to wear it. It’s an easy to read design with solid construction and attractive to finish it off. The watch effectively uses size and colour to really make itself seen. A great travel watch for when things get a little sporty.

Do I need a GMT watch for travelling?

The Geckota G-02 GMT Watch coming soon - Register your interest here!
The connoisseurs of travelling amongst you will probably notice the lack of a GMT watch featured here. A GMT watch is a watch that has the complication (commonly a second-hour hand) that can keep track of multiple time zones. Naturally, these are perfect travel watches and would be ideal for someone looking to rock just one watch on a trip. However, the Geckota G-02 GMT watch is right around the corner! Be sure to join the waiting list here if you want to be one of the first people to hear about the GMT as soon as it’s available… Explore the full Geckota range of watches here, including the G-02 GMT and the G-01 39mm which you can register your interest today (you'll be one of the first people to hear when they become available!) Still looking to read more? Why don't you check out: The Best Watches For Car Enthusiasts What Are The Most Popular Men's Watches?