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The Geckota Padded Leather Watch Strap Collection

The Geckota Padded Leather Watch Strap Collection

If you are looking to add character to your watch a padded leather strap would be the perfect choice, with so much choice it can be difficult to find the perfect one for you... In this article we will be showcasing some of our padded leather straps, with comparisons to help you decide which strap would be the best choice for you and your watch. All of the watch straps listed below are made from genuine leather, meaning that each piece slightly differs in colour and texture, making them truly unique.

The Highley Leather Collection

Due to the popularity of the Geckota Vintage Highley range, we have continued to expand the collection to offer more colours and styles. Here’s a closer look at each option…

Vintage Highley

The original Highley collection is available in six variations, in either 20mm or 22mm. If you’re after a common style made from oiled Italian pull-up leather, then the black, dark brown or light brown options are a solid choice! This selection of straps work perfectly with vintage watches where the beige stitching compliments vintage lume nicely. However, if you're after something more subtle, The Highley ‘Dusty’ colours are a perfect alternative! Made from gump leather, these straps are great for anyone looking for something with an extra hint of vintage. This leather has a thin coating of opaque wax on the surface to help protect it. When worn this will create a dusty, worn vintage look to your strap. This strap has a 4mm taper, with a thickness of 6.5mm-2.5mm and length of 125/75mm. We recommend this strap for any watches that have a case thickness of 11mm+ as it may look overly bulky on slimmer watches! Each Highley features marks of its origin, meaning that each piece is unique. Additionally, as it is crafted with oils and waxes, the Highley ages beautifully and continues to develop character over time.

Short Vintage Highley

We developed further the Vintage Highley collection after gaining valuable feedback from the community. This range features quick release spring bars, and is 115/75mm - shorter than our standard range. These also have a 4mm taper, and are 6mm-2.5mm thick. The stitching on these slightly differs from the Vintage Highley, where it is a darker khaki colour. This creates a more simplistic look if you’re after a strap with a coherent look. The Short Highley is a great alternative option for those with smaller wrist sizes.

Highley Genuine Ostrich Leg Leather

Next on our list is the Ostrich Leg version, an ultimate choice for your dress watch strap collection. Boasting the stunning texture of Ostrich Leg, every strap is truly unique with their own fine pattern.
Ostrich Highley fitted to the Seiko Alpinist - Image Credit: Geckota
This addition is available in black and brown, two classic colours in the sizes 20mm or 22mm. The measurements remain the same as the Vintage Highley - 6.5mm-2.5mm thick with a length of 125/75mm.

Douglas Highley

The last Highley collection features something a little different, and is a great choice if you’re looking for a pop of colour. Presented in a Douglas leather and with a slight change to the mould, this model is handcrafted by skilled craftsmen with thick padding and contrasting beige stitching.
The Douglas Highley Leather Strap fitted to the Tudor Black Bay GMT - Image Credit: Geckota
The Douglas is 120/80mm in length, where the taper for the 22mm reduces by 4mm to the buckle end (18mm), but for the 20mm it remains at a 2mm taper (also 18mm). This strap features a hot stamped line running around the outside edge of the stitching, adding an extra splash of detail!


The Otley padding is slightly thinner than the Highley collections sitting at 5.5mm-2.5mm. One of the main differences that makes this range stand out from the rest is its wide selection of colours and sizes. Made from oiled Genuine Italian Leather with a velvety smooth nubuck lining, the Otley represents comfort at its finest.
The Vintage Otley Leather Strap fitted to the Zenith El Primero - Image Credit: Geckota
Ranging from 19mm - 22mm, and available in both smooth or crocodile print leather, this collection is a great choice for thicker dress watches. We’ve paired this strap to a lot of watches - from the Zenith El Primero to the Rolex Datejust - it never fails to create a strong look!


Next up we have the Spexhall leather strap, made with room for 2.5mm diameter spring bars or tubes making them especially suitable for Seiko divers or Panerai watches. Choose between smooth or distressed genuine leather, and sizes of 22mm or 24mm.
The Spexhall Leather Strap fitted to the Tudor Black Bay 58 - Image Credit: Geckota
Shorter than our standard length straps, the Spexhall is 115/75mm, and has a thickness of 5.5mm - 2.8mm. Additionally, these straps taper 2mm.


Last on our list, but definitely not least, is the Kington leather strap! We have three versions of this strap currently available on Geckota; the Vintage Dress, Racing and Shorter style. The Kington mold is 4.6mm-2.6mm thick, making it slimmer than other straps previously suggested. We have fitted these straps to a lot of different watches, such as the Omega Speedmaster, Seiko SKX, Tudor Black Bay and many Geckota watches. This strap has proven to be extremely versatile!

Vintage Kington and Shorter Kington

Due to the Dress versions popularity, we have developed the range to include a shorter version (115/75mm), making it a solid choice for those with slimmer wrists. This shorter version also features convenient quick release spring bars, and additionally can be found in pastel colours too.
The Kington Dress fitted to the Seiko SKX - Image Credit: Geckota

Kington Racing

The Racing style offers a perforated padded strap to our collection, perfectly suited for racing watches. The 20mm version is 120/78mm and the 22mm model is 120/75mm, both featuring a 4mm taper.
The Kington Racing fitted to the Geckota C-01 - Image Credit: Geckota
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