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What Are The Most Popular Men’s Watches?

What Are The Most Popular Men’s Watches?

From adventure watches to pilot watches, we’ve got it covered.

Choosing a new watch is never easy – the sheer range of style and models can be overwhelming even to an experienced collector. The guide below makes the process a little less daunting, with an introduction to some of the most popular styles and models of men’s watches available.

Adventure Watches

Whatever your taste for adventure, it’s essential to have a watch that won’t let you down along the way. Whether you’re looking to navigate your way down a little-travelled trail, get lost in woodlands with just a backpack and a good pair of shoes, or travel to new lands, a reliable adventure watch is a must-have. The best adventure watches are sturdy, lightweight and finely tuned with specifications to help you make the most of your time outdoors. With this in mind, here are some of our most popular men’s adventure watches.

The Geckota E-01 ETA/Ronda Sports Watch

A deliberate blend of the hard-wearing practicality required from an outdoors watch and the modern style of a 'daily wearer', this watch will make the perfect companion for any adventure. Enclosed within the popular and versatile proportions of a 36.5 mm case, the domed crystal sapphire front adds subtle interest to the dark tones of the vertically brushed dial, while the gently angled crown guards give added protection on top of the watch's 100m water-resistant capabilities. Functionality and aesthetics blend throughout the entire design; the elongated lugs mean the watch sits comfortably on the wrist and the Superluminova dial allows for legibility in all conditions, while the slimline hour markers add a touch of classic watch design style. Find out more here!

Geckota G-01 Vintage Style Automatic Diver’s Watch

Drawing proudly and heavily on the ‘new wave’ style of the 60s, this watch is for the adventurer who’s not afraid to show a little panache. Not only do its contrasting curved edges and sharp, angular features look great, but the watch is as tough as well, water-resistant to 300m. The fully polished, 42mm case leaves plenty of room for the stylish design features to shine through, with a fume style dial and vertically brushed finish setting off the robust hands and dial markers. Subtler features, such as the gently rounded, continuous case, and the gold insignia on the screw-down crown give this watch a touch of class that intrepid explorers of yesteryear would have been proud of. As with all Geckota watches, comfort is a major consideration in the design of the G-01 achieved here with the addition of a genuine ostrich leg leather strap. Find out more here!

Pilots’ Watches

If there’s one profession that needs their timepiece to be accurate, reliable, and resistant to extreme changes on pressure and temperature, it’s pilots. Little wonder that pilots’ watches have become so popular beyond this very niche industry, as educated buyers know this is a style of watch that just won’t let you down. It helps that pilots like to look good too.

Geckota K-01 A Type - 40mm

Elegance, precision and timeless style combine in this stunning interpretation of the pilot’s watch. Meticulous attention to detail has been paid to ensure this model accurately represents the classic Flieger designs of the early 20th century, with the chamfered sword hands among the striking features. The logo engraved into the screw-down crown offers another hint of classic aviation aesthetic, while modern touches such as the SuperLuminova infill on the hands for low light visibility incorporate a modern touch. This watch comes in three carefully considered dial options – blue, grey and black – all set off by a strap of handmade German leather. Find out more here!

Geckota G-02 GMT Swiss Quartz

The archetypal pilot’s watch, this model is suave, understated and built to withstand the most challenging conditions, while still managing to be the perfect complement to smart casual attire. The 316L, stainless steel case has a sturdy 13.5mm thickness, helping it stay water-resistant to an impressive 200m, while the larger than average 40mm diameter gives the model a robust feel. Subtler design touches behind the sapphire glass mean this watch retains a sophisticated look, with the applied indexes of the dial setting off three different colour pallet options: white eggshell, textured black with an aluminium blue insert, or textured black with aluminium grey insert. Find out more here!

Laco ‘Leipzig’ 42

The Laco brand has a long history making pilot’s watches, and this model is one of their classic designs. Featuring a clear dial with Superluminova hands and with automatic movement, this hardwearing number makes a great choice if you’re looking to add a little understated elegance to your style. Find out more here!

Diving Watches

Timepiece enthusiasts have a lot to thank the dive watch for. Advances in technology that allowed watches to operate underwater also helped make the wristwatch a viable product for the consumer market, as the increased durability enabled them to replace the pocket watch. That was in the 1920s and the technology has been advancing ever since. As a minimum, a modern dive watch can withstand water pressure of 100m, has a face that stays visible in total darkness and is resistant to magnetic, chemical and other potential shocks. All of which makes them even more desirable to the connoisseur looking for faultless performance from a watch.

G-02 ETA-2824 40mm Diver's Watch

Vintage design features with a twist and some technological expertise come together to make this a unique and attractive watch that stands out from the crowd. The first of many features to catch the eye is the sunburst bezel, created by coating a sunken dial plate with epoxy resin. The finely etched figures, as well as the contrast in colour to the main dial gives the watch a striking elegance. The technology behind the watch is also of the highest quality, with a Swiss-made ETA 2824-2 movement system, and a water resistance of up to 200m. The whole piece is set off by a bold and robust ‘beads of rice’ metal strap. Find out more here!

Omega Seamaster 300 Co-Axial

One of the original dive watch manufacturers, Omega started making watches for underwater professionals in the 1950s, and have been refining their ranges ever since. This latest expression is resistant to 300m and features a dark dial with lighter indexes and big hands and numbers to make it easily visible in a variety of lighting conditions - both above and below water. Find out more here!

Racing Watches

In motor racing, every millisecond counts, accuracy is everything, and style and performance go hand in hand. Little wonder then, that the sport has inspired watchmakers for decades. The technical specifications of any good racing watch will include a chronograph – a stopwatch – and a tachymeter, to calculate time and distance ratios, with both often accurate to tenths or hundredths of a second. Technology aside, racing watches will often have more colour and design than other styles, reflecting the exhilarating nature of the sport and making these models a must for the man who’s not afraid to show a little flair.

Geckota C-O4 VK64 Space Age Racing Chronograph Watch

This model takes the bold colour and design associated with the typical racing watch and gives it the ‘Geckota touch’, incorporating elements of space-age design, including vibrant green accents, a futuristic dial and a beautiful ceramic bezel – a rare feature at this price point. The result is a watch that’s ideal for the man who loves to show their creative side. Find out more here!

Geckota C-01 Gen 2 Racing Chronograph Watch

The updated version of our original C-01 model, this watch gives a fresh face to the much-loved design language of its predecessor, with a high contrast dial and a classic, retro feel, all the way down to the perforated strap. As with the original design, careful consideration has gone into ensuring the multi-layered dial does not feel cluttered, with the sub-dials sitting neatly at the 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock positions, allowing features such as the polished finish and classical baton hands to take centre stage. Find out more here!

Dress Watches

When the occasion demands you look your best, there’s no better compliment to a stylish outfit than a classic dress watch. Men’s dress watches come in a wide array of styles, though all are designed with a single purpose – to elevate your look and provide the perfect accessory for the man who know how to dress their best.

Geckota W-01 Vintage Jumping Hour Automatic Dress Watch

Taking its design cues from the classic dress and pocket watches while incorporating a touch of modern style too, this elegant model offers something rather special at an affordable price point. The silver stamped, multi-layered guilloche dial sits behind a double-domed, acrylic crystal glass, all perfectly set off by a handmade strap of Spanish leather. And while the watch undoubtedly looks great, functionality is a talking point too, with the jumping hour hand a rare and pleasing touch. Find out more

Junghans Max Bill Automatic Watch This watch blends simplicity and style with its iconic slimline design and comes at an affordable price point too. Subtle and sophisticated. Find out more here!

Geckota W-02 Vintage Mechanical Chronograph Dress Watch

Inspired by the refined, understated style of 1940s chronographs, this watch brings a touch of class to any occasion. Design cues are rooted in vintage aesthetic, with a silver stamped grain dial and slimline, gold-coloured hour markers. Vintage design permeates the functionality of this watch too, with the operation based on a hand-wound mechanical chronograph. This watch comes in three different options, each subtly offering a different take on this classic style. Find out more here!

Digital Watches

While for the more traditional timepiece enthusiasts only the classic style of an analogue watch face will do, some brands have made the step to digital, and done so with aplomb. Digital does offer some desirable features too, with options such as stopwatches and even wifi built in to some. With smartwatches now the new technology on the scene, digital watches are also starting to have something of a classic air to them as well.

Timex Command Shock 54mm Resin Strap Watch If durability and functionality are the essential criteria for your watch, then this watch ticks the boxes. Shockproof and water-resistant to 100m, it’s perfect for both everyday use and outdoor adventure. Find out more here!

GShock DW-9052-1V Digital Military Watch

Don’t be fooled by the affordable price tag – this digital watch is known as the military ‘standard issue’ for a reason, as its shockproof and water-resistant case put it up there with some of the G-Shock brand’s most resilient models. Find out more here!

Smart Watches

It would have been inconceivable to the first watchmakers that a version of their creation would one day exist that could monitor the wearer’s heart rate, obey commands and pay for their coffee, but that’s exactly what the next generation of watch technology can do. This style of watch might not be what you have in mind when you set out looking for a timepiece definitive to your sense of style, but you can’t deny the sophistication of the technology.

Apple Watch 5 The standard-bearer for smartwatches, and still the go-to if you are an iPhone user, the latest model of the Apple Watch incorporates an ‘always on’ display and 36-hour battery life, while its high end features link seamlessly with your device. Find out more here!

Samsung Galaxy Watch

The four-day battery life and attractive, sporty design make this watch a favourite among Android users, and while it does not have as many apps available as some other models, it covers everything that most users would want. Find out more here!

Military Watches

It goes without saying that military watches must be tough, hard-wearing and functional, but there’s something about that rugged military style that’s aesthetically appealing too. Watchmakers of all brands certainly think so, and a military range is common to almost all major players on the market, with the term used to describe everything from a reliable and understated pilot’s watch, to an all-action dive watch with the capability to perform under the toughest conditions.

Geckota E-01 Gen 2 Exploration

A rugged yet stylish addition to the Geckota range, this watch is perfect for anyone who wants to look great whether in the outdoors or on the town. The robust case, quick-dry nylon strap and double-domed sapphire crystal glass give this a more rugged appearance than the first edition, while the neat proportions mean that this watch still makes an ideal daily wearer. The fixed bezel with 24-hour timescale means that the bold dial face can be read in any light conditions. Find out more here!

Geckota B-Type Pilots Watch - 40mm

An iconic design that captures the timeless elegance of aviation-style. The bold clear face is set off perfectly by the handmade German leather strap. Find out more here!

High Complication Watches

This is where the craft of watchmaking finds its highest expression, with design, functionality and imagination all combining into a single dial. Some of the greatest minds in horology have dedicated their lives to these masterful creations, with watches that combine everything from moon phase complication to perpetual calendars making these among the most desired possessions of watch collectors everywhere.

Geckota T-01 Hand-Wound Tourbillon

For the discerning collector, this hand-wound, tourbillon watch offers a modern take on this classic art form, with a multi-level stamped guilloche dial with large, heat blued hands and a bold stainless steel case. The intricate dial sits behind a gently domed, sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective coating, giving both interest and maximum legibility to the display. As befits a watch of this superior quality, the strap is genuine handmade Italian leather. Find out more here!

Our watches

Here at Geckota, our vision is to provide high-quality and versatile watches to like-minded people who would share our enthusiasm for exceptional materials at honest and considered prices. Why not have a browse of our collection, or get in touch to find out more about our watches. Discover the full collection here!