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November 19, 2019 4 min read

Why Video Content Is Important & How We Use It. - A Brief Overview.

First of all, if you've been following our social platforms you would've noticed within the last 12 months we have been really pushing video content. We believe video is very important and offers many benefits for a growing business. Let me explain a little bit about the types of video we produce and where we use them.

Uploading Content To YouTube.

As I am sure many of you are aware one of - if not the biggest video content platform is YouTube. We started our channel quite a few years ago now but never really posted consistently. As a result to grow on YouTube like other social platforms, consistent uploading is a must. YouTube is a great place to start producing content, Hence why we started with simple hands-on videos and have progressed to full reviews. The great thing is these videos we have produced will always live on our channel. Unlike Instagram where it's unlikely that your audience will scroll down your timeline to see last years posts, Video longevity is far much stronger. Take the image below for example - Our G-Shock hands on video at the point of this screenshot was uploaded 1 year ago and still has the most views. So even a piece of content that is 12 months old can generating views which then has potential to lead to more subscribers/followers.

Specific Content For Our Customers.

We started uploading consistently, Due to this we gained the opportunity to produce video content specific to our customers. Because we are an online business our customers do not get the opportunity to experience our products. This is where video comes into play being able to show our products in life-style situations, offering the viewers a much needed perspective with our products that they would not be able to get otherwise.
When producing video content for your social channels it's not always about the products. BTS (Behind the scenes) Videos can be very impactful. You can quite easily fall into the trap of just producing product focused content. Times have changed drastically with the rise of social media "influencers". People buy from people - By showing the personalities behind your brand it builds trust with your customers and increases the overall reputation of your business. Don't forget this also makes you relatable to your customers.
Geckota behind the scenes - Image Credit Geckota

Facebook And Instagram.

Moving on, Facebook & Instagram play a huge role in showcasing our video content. The great thing is we can re-purpose our videos to be used across all platforms. For example a product showcase video can be re-edited into a shorter version to be used on our Instagram stories, this not only leads to more engagement on Instagram but can also encourage followers to subscribe to our other channels. Facebook is very diverse, We have been experimenting with various types of video and video lengths. The use of shorter (easier to consume content) for video adverts, as well as longer behind the scenes videos for our more invested customers. We showcase behind the scenes video content through our closed Facebook group, this gives us a chance to gain some real insight and feedback from our customer base. Click here to join the Facebook community today!

Video Content On Our Websites.

Lastly all of the video content we produce for our social platforms can be used on our website. Product reviews, showcases and even behind the scenes can all be used in multiple ways. Using video content on product listings gives a potential customer all they need to make an informed and trusted purchase.

The Camera Gear We Use To Produce Our Video Content.

Finally, I would like to add the fact that you do not need the the most expensive camera gear to produce engaging content, Therefore the best piece of advice is to just start creating. Rather than investing in a huge amount of gear, you should progress slowly and finally upgrade various pieces of equipment. So the one piece of gear I'd suggest not overlooking, would be a mic, bad audio can ruin even the highest quality video, So focus on having clean crisp audio.

Our Gear list for Video production;

  • Sony a7iii
  • Sony Kit Lens FE 24-70mm
  • Sony Zeiss 55mm 1.8 FE Lens
  • Canon 80d
  • Canon 18-135mm Kit Lens
  • Sigma 105mm 2.8 EF/S Macro Lens
  • GoPro Hero 7 - Black
  • Zhiyun Weebill Lab Gimbal
  • RODE VideoMic Pro - Shotgun Mic
  • RØDE NT-USB - Studio Microphone
Find what content your consumers want this certainly will yield great results. Because this is what will keep your social platforms alive. Furthermore, don't forget to produce content that you also enjoy as this will show in your work and keep your audience engaged. For a closer look at our video content check out our social platforms below; WatchGecko YouTube Geckota Instagram WatchGecko Instagram WatchGecko Facebook

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