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Geckota Solid Stainless Steel Watch Strap

Fantastic Range of Replacement Metal Watch Straps

Several years of product development It has taken us many years to get to the stage that we are now with our range of stainless steel metal replacement watch straps. We have taken on board our own feelings and concerns, as well as those of our customers who quite rightly have very high standards and expectations. Our range of metal straps will continue to evolve as more deigns are added and additional end pieces are offered to provide maximum compatability with popular watches. Warrington Solid Stainless Steel Watch Strap Our most popular solid stainless steel watch strap is currently the Warrington model, which is available with both straight and solid end pieces. By popular demand we have used screw in links on this model. Manufacturing a reliable screw in link can be difficult and our factory faced a challenge to make a robust and reliable screw in link. But we have overcome this challenge and the screw is made with the screw thread at the top of the screw, rather than at the bottom. This allows for small differences in position from one side of the pracelet to the other and it results in a more reliable screw in link.
Geckota Warrington Stainless Steel Watch Strap Warrington Stainless Steel Watch Strap
We are now offering an updated version of the Warrington Stainless Steel Watch Strap which features a screw in straight end piece which can also be removed. Once removed, an alternative curved end piece can be fitted instead.
Geckota Solid Stainless Steel Watch Strap Screw in Link for End Piece
By popular demand, we have been working on special end pieces for various watches and we now have curved ends for the Warrington Solid Stainless Steel Watch Strap. We currently have the standard curved end piees available. These are made from folded stainless steel and which allows for some adjustment to get them to fit many different watch cases. Buyers often tell us that they want solid end piees for their watches but the issue is that unless the solid end piece is a perfect fit, it will either not fit the watch at all, or the end result is not satisfactory.
Curved End Pieces For Stinless Steel Watch Strap Curved End Pieces
These curved end pieces for the Warrington are available in 2 sizes, the 20mm curved end pieces are a great fit for our G-02 and K-01 40mm watch cases. And the 22mm will fit our Geckota S-01 watch case. Solid End Pieces Are Currently In Development By popular demand we have started working on a small number of solid end pieces, specially made for specific watches. We currently have in development, solid curved end pieces for the following models... Seiko SKX007 Seiko SRPB "Samurai" Seiko SRP "Turtle" These end pieces will fit the Warrington and Rivet Berwick Geckota solid stainless steel watch straps and they will be available before the end of the year. If you are looking for a high quality stainless steel watcb strap for your watch, see our full range of stainless steel watch straps here. Many thanks for reading this article, stay tuned to our social media and blog pages for more news and product announcments.