Rediscover the Geckota Pioneer

Rediscover the Geckota Pioneer

Inspired by the retrofuturism of the 1950s, The G-01 became one of our most recognisable watches to encapsulate space-age design. That’s why we originally called it the G-01 because for Geckota it was an absolute first. It may not have been Geckota’s first ever watch, yet its significance made this piece a landmark model, thanks to a stand-out design that set the tone for everything else that was to follow.

There were so many features that made it unique: a fumé dial, applied trapezoid indices and a cushion case, blending traditional retro styling with a more modern handset design for a contemporary feel. For us, it was a truly pioneering moment – as we had never dared to create a watch that was anything like this before. It became a real totem; an inspiration in our creative lives. It still is now.

Geckota Pioneer red automatic watch

It wasn't only the design that took us in a new direction but also the multi-faceted practicality of the whole concept. Up until then, we had been putting our watches into categories: dive watch, dress watch, racing watch, and so on. This watch, by contrast, couldn’t be defined so simply.

Not only is it a sophisticated dress watch, but its construction also allows it to be a dive watch (paired with a rubber strap). The overall robustness and construction allow it to blend in for any occasion or adventure. It was the closest thing we could have come to creating a horological chameleon for your wrist, except one with its own strong identity – enhanced by a stunning array of colours and unprecedented quality at this price point. It’s a watch that very much speaks for itself, refusing to be pigeon-holed.

Geckota Pioneer Red on wrist

But such a landmark watch in our history, which is more popular than ever today, deserves a proper name that reflects its real status. So what should that name be? We reflected long and hard on what that would be, which is why it took so long, staring for hours at every detail on the watch to capture its essence. But as is so often the case in these situations, the watch ended up naming itself. The solution was evident.

Like we said, its arrival was a truly pioneering moment for us. So it became obvious that this watch should simply be called the Pioneer, perfectly encapsulating the contemporary retrofuturism that is a hallmark of the collection. The Pioneer is the one watch that kick-started the Geckota space-age design ethos, which paved the way for many other models within our current range: fundamental to the company’s history and tradition.

Like all true pioneers, it doesn't stand still either. Over the years it has evolved and refined, introducing new colours, technology, and straps to reinvent itself for every era – without ever departing from its fundamental DNA and design language.

A classic is something that stands the test of time: a moment in history that is perpetuated for future generations to enjoy. With the Pioneer, we believe we have achieved that.

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