The Art Of Timekeeping

The Art Of Timekeeping

The Art Of Timekeeping

Chronos, also spelt Khronos or Chronus, is the personification of time in ancient Greek philosophy and literature; in other words, a concept that cuts to the very essence of watchmaking.

From that word we get chronometer – a precision device for measuring the time – and consequently chronograph: a genre of watch that measures time in fractions of detail, to the point that it has become emblematic.

Which is why we are very proud to announce the Geckota Chronotimer: the new name for the C-01.

Chronograph collection

As the name suggests, the Chronotimer reflects the absolute heart of what we do at Geckota, as a measure of our passion for marking the passage of time. It doesn’t get any more essential than this, which is why the Chronotimer – even though it has been through several iterations – maintains a classic look that reflects our watchmaking heritage and design language.

Most recognisably of all, it proudly wears its two contrasting chronograph dials: and it’s this that makes it a Chronotimer. The influences behind it include motor racing watches of the 1960s, as also reflected in our FORZO range.

Forzo Collection

This look is set off nicely when paired with a leather ‘rally’ strap – but the Chronotimer also looks great on a rubber strap or plain leather, both of which are available.

This watch has been part of Geckota’s line-up for more than five years, combining a vintage cushion case look with a modern and brilliantly reliable Japanese Miyota mechaquartz movement. The small subdial on the right-hand side of the watch dial counts the seconds, while the dial on the left counts the chronograph minutes when it’s running: a classic layout that makes it an eminently useful tool as well as an object of art.

Chronograph watches

Recently, the watch was heavily revised as part of the Gen 2 redesign, taking the original watch as a base yet moving it onto another level. Making the Chronotimer sparkle is a double domed crystal and 316L stainless steel case, ensuring that this is a watch that always stands out on any occasion.

In fact, one of the strongest assets of the Chronotimer is its versatility, as it adapts itself so well to a variety of declinations (and straps, as we mentioned earlier). The summer Aurora editions express vibrant colours that nonetheless stand out in every season, while the classic black and white ‘panda’ look hark back to the first chronographs that appeared more than 50 years ago.

C-01 Aurora Collection

We’ve been rationalising all the names of the different watches within the Geckota range to capture the essence of each individual model while remaining part of a unified family.

The Chronotimer is probably the single most successful expression of that concept, bringing to life the very essential qualities that we look for in a watch designed to measure the precise passage of time.

The irony is, of course, that this watch is also timeless in its design and execution. And it’s precisely this chronological juxtaposition between fleeting moments and enduring eras of horological history that makes the Chronotimer so fascinating – and a very proud addition to our line-up.