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The Designers Notebook #14 - Dial Textures

The Designers Notebook #14 - Dial Textures

Hello and welcome to another issue of the Designer's Notebook.

Today I wanted to show off some of the experimentation I do when creating new designs. When designing a watch there is many small details which can drastically change the watches appearance and style. One of these is the texture finish of the dial.

Plain Black with no Finish
Grey Sunburst Texture

By simply adding a sunburst finish this watch looks far more interesting than the original. Not only that but you will notice how much it changes the colour. It starts off as a very dark, deep black, but once we add the new finish it comes to life with some extra light and contrast.

Grainy Textured Dial with Sunburst Textured Subdial

Obviously, not everything we try will work. As you can see, this grainy texture looks very out of place on this style of watch. But that is the fun in experimation. Seeing what does and doesn't work. This design is part of a future range of 39mm G-01s. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram to keep up to date and have your say on upcoming designs.