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 Alice Anderson




April 13, 2020 4 min read

From Sports to Exploration

After the success of the Geckota E-01 Sports Watch, we’re pleased to announce that a new edition is now available - the E-01 Generation 2 Explorer Watch.

History of the E-01 Sports Watch

The first E-01 watch was released back in Autumn 2018, becoming the first line of sports watches to be added to the Geckota collection. Inspired by the space age design language of the Geckota G-01, the E-01 featured a new case not seen in any previous Geckota designs, and additionally came in a classic size of 36.5mm - Geckota’s smallest watch at the time.
The first Geckota E-01 Sports Watch Collection - Image Credit: Geckota
The space age design language has been a strong feature of many Geckota watches, which increasingly has become a part of the brands DNA. Two subtle colourways were introduced, a blue dial and a black dial, with the option of either the Ronda 715 (quartz) movement, or the ETA 2824-2 movement. These choices of movements allowed us to create an affordable automatic watch, yet also provided a cheaper alternative to the E-01 range with the quartz movement option. In addition to the choice of dial colour and movement, the E-01 was introduced with two strap options - a metal bracelet or leather strap - providing a wider selection.
Geckota E-01 Sports Watch fitted to the Slim Warrington - Image Credit: Geckota
The E-01 Sports Watch harnesses the dial finishing technique of fumé with vertical brushing, adding a range of tones to each dial respectively. It’s elongated, slim hour markers and signature Geckota chamferred hands (completed with Super Luminova Lume) build on the depth of the dial, whilst adding a touch of traditional watchmaking design.
Geckota E-01 Sports Watch Dial - Image Credit: Geckota
Completed with a sharp, distinctive case which features both brushed and polished finishing, this range introduced a sporty style which we knew was here to stay.

The E-01 Sports Evolution

After a few design tweaks, a new addition to the E-01 Sports Watch collection arrived early 2020 - the green dial. Alongside its dial colour, the green E-01 slightly differs from the blue and black dial with a brushed bezel, and is fitted to a complimentary fully brushed Classic Warrington to match.
Geckota E-01 Sports Watch Green Dial - Image Credit: Geckota
The arrival of the green dial and re-stock of the blue dial additionally introduced a new Miyota 9015 movement. Replacing the original movements, the choice to change the heart of the E-01 was made due to the supply of ETA movements becoming more scarce. To read more about the change in movement, click here! However, leaving the Swiss name behind has a silver lining for the E-01. Not only does the Miyota 9015 maintain its quality and accuracy, but it has a stronger power reserve, making the E-01 collection a flag-ship member of the Geckota family.
Miyota 9015 Movement - Image Credit: Geckota

Introducing Generation 2

Following the success of the Sports Watch, development of the E-01 Generation 2 was put into motion. Maintaining it’s sporty style, this version incorporates design details of legendary ‘Skin Diver’ watches of the 60s.
The Geckota E-01 Gen 2 Exploration Watch Collection - Image Credit: Geckota
Signature Geckota Case and Bezel
Space Age design language is seen throughout the watch, from dial to case. Using sharp lines and a distinctive shape, the solid 316L stainless steel case stands at a versatile size of 36mm, with the bezel coming in at37mm. Elongated lugs heighten its versatility, coming in at44.5mm lug to lug, taking advantage of popular proportions suited to a range of wrist sizes. The majority of the case is brushed, accompanied by slender polished details. Its case thickness sits at a comfortable 11.95mm. A screw in crown safeguards the E-01, which assists its capability of being water resistant to up to100m.
The Geckota E-01 Gen 2 Crown - Image Credit: Geckota
A fixed bezel features deeply etched vintage style design, displaying 24hr ‘military time’ references for extra precision.
The Geckota E-01 Gen 2 Exploration Watch - Image Credit: Geckota
Meticulous Dial Details
With a refined stamped grained dial, available in three colours; blue, brown or black, the E-01 Gen 2 dial is complimented with vintage lume. The case's brushed and polished finishing is also seen in the smaller details of the markers and signature Geckota hands.
The Geckota E-01 Gen 2 Hands - Image Credit: Geckota
The Gen 2 features a curved edge, double domed sapphire crystal, again reflecting its ‘Skin Diver’ inspiration and space age roots.
The Geckota E-01 Gen 2 - Image Credit: Geckota
Driving the core of the watch is the 24 jewels Miyota 9039 automatic, self winding movement. With a power reserve of 42+ hours and 28,800vph, this Japanese movement was chosen to provide quality and accuracy whilst securing its affordable price.
Miyota 9039 Movement - Image Credit: Geckota
Covering the movement, the caseback features finer characteristics of an anchor with entwined water snakes, further adding to its detailed design and finishing.
The Geckota E-01 Gen 2 Caseback - Image Credit: Geckota
Strap Options
The Gen 2 is currently available to buy on either the fitted, brushed and polished Slim Warrington metal strap/bracelet, or dark brown Short Simple Handmade quick release leather (20mm).
The Geckota E-01 Gen 2 Exploration Watch - Image Credit: Geckota
If you have already purchased the E-01 Gen 2, or are contemplating adding it to your watch collection in the future, then here are some more solid strap suggestions that we feel pair up well with this collection: Besford Vintage Leather Strap Radstock Vintage Style Racing Leather Strap Helmsley Leather Strap ZULUDIVER Vintage Canvas ZULU We continuously value your feedback and love seeing your images of our products… Feel free to share your shots with us on Instagram and Facebook, or even join the Geckota Owner’s Club to share your images, thoughts & ideas, and be a part of the community.
The Geckota Black DialE-01 Gen 2 Exploration Watch - Image Credit: Geckota

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About the Author: Alice Anderson

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