Introducing the R-01 Rectangular Dress Watch- Perfect for Women!

Introducing the R-01 Rectangular Dress Watch- Perfect for Women!

Geckota R-01 Range

Coming soon is the R-01 in 3 different styles. They are all of a rectangular shape but differ in casing colours as well as face designs, one having a more vintage twist. R-01 Rectangular Dress Watch As a woman working for Geckota, I am excited for the upcoming release of the R-01 range of watches. Being a smaller, slimmer more delicate watch, its angular case possesses a more modern look, as watches are mostly circular. Circular watches have been predominantly more popular due to the effectiveness and practicality of the shape. The R-01 Rectangular Dress Watch and The W-02 Vintage Mechanical Chronograph Dress Watch Rectangular watches offer a slightly different appearance to your style. The first rectangular watch became popular in the 1920s to 1930s during the art deco period. A popular rectangular watch is the Cartier Tank, first introduced in 1917 but is still part of the Cartier line up to this day. The R-01 design is extremely versatile. They can be worn in casual settings as well as more formal occasions, adding a twist to your outfit. This is another appealing factor to me, making it a great everyday watch. R-01 Rectangular Dress Watch

The R-01 Design Language

Each collection has a different design language, ensuring there is something for everyone! These styles include sporty, vintage, and dress styles, with a large variety of dial and case colours. Each piece has slight differences that give the watch a whole different look all while maintaining the ranges simplicity; ensuring they are appealing to many wrists. Alongside the femininity of versions such as the Mother of Pearl Dress dial, options such as the Olive Green Dress dial is a more masculine choice. R-01 Rectangular Dress Watch

Night Black

The Geckota R-01 Night Black is distinctively different from the other two in the collection, this is due to the polished black casing. The watch case being completely black gives the watch a modern and sporty appearance. Paired with some silver jewellery this watch would be a great fashion statement. R-01 Night Black Rectangular Watch There are three dial options, Black, Grey and Green. For someone who prefers less striking designs, the solely black watch would be a great choice, but for those who may feel this may be overpowering, a splash of colour may be the better choice for you. The green and grey dial would be ideal for a person who wears more neutral or pastel colours.

Rectangular Dress Watch

The second range of R-01’s is the Dress version which has the largest selection of colours and case finishing's. My personal favourite is the silver case with either the black or mother of pearl dial. I feel as though these designs would match perfectly with any outfit or jewellery! The distinctive feature of this watch would be the raised roman numerals which adds depth, and additionally compliment the sword hands. To switch up the look of your watch you can change the colour of your strap, a classic example would be the Chedworth suede strap in grey matched with the green dial… However there are no rules!

Vintage Style Watch

Lastly, we have the Rectangular Vintage Style collection, as the name suggests, this is a more vintage take on the R-01 design. This style is available with strong dial colours which emphasises the vintage elements of the watch, especially with the green and gold combination! The Vintage style dress watch mixes up the R-01 range with its Arabic numerals, playing on timeless designs. The most feminine of the vintage watches in my opinion would be either the rose gold casing with white dial or the gold case models with the black dial. This is because the colours are more versatile for matching different outfits. However the whole of the R-01 collection is unisex. Although this watch is a smaller design, it’s long rectangular case sits perfectly on the wrist despite your wrist size. To explore the collection further, click here!