Short Length Genuine Leather Watch Strap

By Popular Demand... Shorter Length Watch Straps

We have again listened to our customers and have been busy working on a new range of shorter length watch straps. For many years we produced our watches straps in the slightly longer length, typically of 80mm on the buckle side and 120mm on the holes side. This length suits the vast majority of buyers, but if you have a slimmer wrist, or a larger watch, then you might find that a slightly shorter length watch strap is more suitable for you. So by popular demand we have released a range of our popular designs in a shorter 75mm / 115mm length. In addition to the shorter length, these straps also feature the more convenient "quick release" spring bars. See our full range of replacement watch straps here and some of our most popular shorter length designs here. Why not stay up to date with all of our latest developments by following us on Instagram.