Horween American Leather NATO Watch Strap

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Horween American Leather NATO Watch Strap

High quality leather NATO watch strap by ZULUDIVER. This watch strap is made with American leather and features ZULUDIVER stamped logo for quality assurance. The keepers on this watch strap are both stitched in and are larger enough for the strap to be passed through twice if needed.
Originally developed in the 70s by the British Ministry of Defence (MOD), the strap was actually named G10 because of the service personnel's form they had to complete in order to receive one. Its popularity amongst other regiments led to other colours & patterns.
Today, it's the fashionable watch strap we all wear. Our NATOs are durable, changeable, strong and used in sporting activities. The interweaving design that passes through the lugs means it is also very secure.

 Horween American Leather NATO Watch Strap


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Genuine Leather

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Keep Away From Water

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Solid Stainless Steel

The Best American Horween Leather

The best leather watchstraps combine practicality, comfort and affordability. Now imagine slipping your favourite watch head (or a new Geckota watch) onto a strap made from American Horween leather. Can you smell the gorgeous aroma, feel the sumptuous quality and sense a hundred years’ leather expertise as you buckle your new strap on?

 Horween American Leather NATO Watch Strap

Leather Born in the USA

For luxury watchstrap leathers, few have such a renowned reputation as Horween. Now you can combine ZULUDIVER design, quality and affordability with Horween’s passion for luxurious leather.

 Horween American Leather NATO Watch Strap
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