Kirkstead by Geckota

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Kirkstead by Geckota

We have taken inspiration from iconic metal watch bracelets to produce the new Kirkstead by Geckota

Kirkstead by Geckota


Material Spec Icon

316L Grade Stainless Steel

Length Spec Icon

114mm min / 176mm max

Water Resistant Spec Icon
Water Resistant

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Fold Over


We have used high grade solid 316L stainless steel. This material is known for its strength and has strong resistance to corrosive seawater, making it an ideal strap to a dive watch.

Kirkstead by Geckota

Discreet Branding

The solid stainless steel fold-over with safety push-button release clasp is subtly stamped with the Geckota® logo. The outside part of the clasp is unbranded, ensuring that it will not look out of place on any brand of watch.

Kirkstead by Geckota


The strap has 8 removable links for adjustments in approximately 7mm increments, the minimum adjusted length of this strap 114mm. The removable links are fastened with a split (hair) pin design, so you will need a pin pushing tool to remove them.

Also the buckle has 3 micro adjustments which enables you to size the bracelet to a comfortable fit on your wrist.

Kirkstead by Geckota