1. K-03 Diver
    K-03 Diver
    From £250.00 Regular Price £279.00

    As more than just a competent divers’ watch, your K-03 links you to the fascinating history of military and sporting dive watches going back to the 1930s Panerai-Rolex collaboration and the Allied forces’ counterparts. Choose your new K-03 and look forward to quality and performance that would have impressed those military divers and human-torpedo navigators – all for a modest twenty-first century investment.

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  2. C-02 Vintage Chronograph
    C-02 Vintage Chronograph
    From £199.00 Regular Price £299.00

    Introducing our 39mm diameter chronograph. We have been inspired by the vintage military and sports chronographs from the 1930's onwards to present you with this stylish yet affordable timepiece!

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