Premium SCUBA Diver by ZULUDIVER

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Premium SCUBA Diver by ZULUDIVER

The SCUBA Diver has honeycomb matrix pattern moulded on the top, and then on the underside of the strap it has a ribbed chevron pattern.

Premium SCUBA Diver by ZULUDIVER


Material Spec Icon

M-class Rubber (EPDM)

Length Spec Icon

125 / 75mm

Water Resistant Spec Icon
Water Resistant

Buckle Spec Icon

Solid 316L Stainless Steel

Marine Grade Buckle

The Premium range we have uses unique solid 316 marine grade stainless steel buckles, with a solid tongue (pin) for continued durability. Our Premium Buckles are securely fitted to the M-class rubber strap by hand at Geckota's HQ, and each buckle is subtly branded with the ZULUDIVER logo. The buckle is also two toned, giving it a sleek look which suits watches which are polished, or brushed!

Premium SCUBA Diver by ZULUDIVER

Premium Honeycomb Matrix Rubber

This Premium strap is made from M-class rubber (EPDM) ensuring outstanding performance in resistant to high temperatures and excellent weathering properties. The rubber is beautifully stamped with the Honeycomb pattern on top, and complimented with a ribbed chevron pattern underneath.

Premium SCUBA Diver by ZULUDIVER