Seabrook Solid Stainless Steel Diver's Watch Strap

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Seabrook Solid Stainless Steel Diver's Watch Strap

The Seabrook metal strap is arguably one of the most versatile metal bracelets available in the Geckota range. The reason being that it effectively combines strong and durable properties with a stylish aesthetic. Take a look at those reassuringly chunky links. Not only are they built to last but they also come with those internal smaller links which combine both brushed and polished finishes.

Strong resistance to corrosion and seawater make it an ideal strap for a dive watch. And that is exactly the type of watch this bracelet will suit: purposeful tool watches designed to survive in the harshest of conditions. However, there is no need to swap the bracelet out when the conditions get a little more manageable as the Seabrook will continue to look suitable in all environments.

This diver's metal bracelet features screw in links (use a 1.6mm flat head jewellers screwdriver to remove them) and a solid buckle. This watch strap is made of high quality solid 316L stainless steel.

The watch strap measures a maximum of 175mm and the solid buckle has 6 micro adjustments which enable you to size the bracelet to a comfortable fit on your wrist. The strap has 7 removable links for greater adjustments in approximately 9mm increments, the minimum adjusted length of this strap is 112mm. The thickness of the strap is 3.8mm and the buckle is 8.3mm.

Seabrook Solid Stainless Steel Diver's Watch Strap


Material Spec Icon

Solid 316L Stainless Steel Witch Screw-In Links

Length Spec Icon

112mm (min) / 175mm (max)

Fitting Spec Icon

Straight Ends

Springbar Thickness Spec Icon
Springbar Thickness

Standard 1.8mm diameter

Water Resistant Spec Icon
Water Resistant

Buckle Spec Icon

Fold-Over With Safety Push Buttons

Taper Spec Icon


Weight Spec Icon

Approximately 90g

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