Our nylon range is composed by a variety of different colours and designs. ZULUDIVER leather watch straps are made from genuine leather and offer a natural look and feel. We have a selection of polyurethane watch straps specially made for popular Seiko and Citizen diver’s watches. Our rubber watch straps are made with only the highest quality rubber and are suitable for any situation.

Design Features

Swiss NATO ZULUDIVER Quality Hardware

The Swiss style ZULUDIVER NATO range is fitted with new, custom made, premium-quality hardware. Made with high-grade 316L stainless steel, each metal part is carefully brush finished. The buckle and one of the 3 keepers are deep etched with the ZULUDIVER logo.


A woven label is sewn into the inside of the Swiss style ZULUDIVER NATO range. Look out for the ZULUDIVER label as a sign of your Swiss style NATO’s quality.

Marine Grade Buckle

The Premium range we have uses unique solid 316 marine grade stainless steel buckles, with a solid tongue (pin) for continued durability. Our Premium Buckles are securely fitted to the M-class rubber strap by hand at Geckota's HQ, and each buckle is subtly branded with the ZULUDIVER logo. The buckle is also two toned, giving it a sleek look which suits watches which are polished, or brushed!

Freedom of Adjustment

Unlike traditional NATOs, the ZULUDIVER Swiss style NATO strap design has one movable keeper providing additional adjustment. The movable keeper allows any additional length to be neatly tucked away, regardless of the size of your wrist.

ZULUDIVER Rubber Straps

Our collection of rubber straps is made only of high quality materials. We have worked with renowned manufacturers such as the Italian Bonetto Cinturini to ensure high quality of our rubber straps. We have since developed a large range of rubber strap options, perfect for any situation.

ZULUDIVER Nylon Straps

We offer a range of leather and nylon NATO straps. Suitable for everyone, these straps have become very fashionable over the past few years and we continue to extend our range.

ZULUDIVER Leather Straps

ZULUDIVER Leather NATO Collection includes a selection of military style watch straps. All made with high quality leather.


With a ZULUDIVER 12-month guarantee behind your strap, you'll buy and wear yours with confidence.