ZULUDIVER 300 (MKII) Waterproof Rubber Watch Strap

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ZULUDIVER 300 (MKII) Waterproof Rubber Watch Strap

We are proud to announce the new and improved ZULUDIVER (MKII) 300 range. We have upgraded the buckle, it is now made from solid stainless steel, and we have given the sides a mirror polish finish, a brushed top face and a deep etch ZULUDIVER logo for reassurance of quality. There is also more adjustability on the buckle with 6 micro adjustment holes, so it can be adjusted a maximum of 205mm and minimum of 140mm.

Several popular lug widths (18, 20, 22 and 24 mm), three classic colours, Bonetto Cinturini quality and ZULUDIVER style meets a signed stainless steel deployant clasp on your ZULUDIVER 300. 

ZULUDIVER 300 (MKII) Waterproof Rubber Watch Strap


Material Spec Icon

Italian Rubber

Length Spec Icon

140mm min. / 205mm max.

Water Resistant Spec Icon
Water Resistant

Buckle Spec Icon

Stainless Steel Folding Buckle

Weight Spec Icon


ZULUDIVER Folding Buckle

The folding buckle design makes the strap behave like a metal bracelet, rather than a traditional two piece rubber watch strap. This buckle design makes a stylish addition to almost any watch, however it is important to note that the strap needs to be cut to size to obtain the perfect fit.

ZULUDIVER 300 (MKII) Waterproof Rubber Watch Strap


This strap delivers strength, suppleness, comfort and simplicity. Its special rubber formulation is waterproof, saltwater and UVA-resistant for years of on-wrist pleasure.

ZULUDIVER 300 (MKII) Waterproof Rubber Watch Strap

Italian Heritage

We’ve always recognised Italy’s traditional expertise in rubber watch straps. So it was logical to work closely with respected Italian manufacturer Bonetto Cinturini (based at Vicenza, near Venice on Italy’s Adriatic coast) to develop our fully-waterproof, genuine rubber watch straps. Since the 1980s, Bonetto Cinturini have crafted superb rubber dive watch straps for some of Switzerland’s top luxury brands. The same factories now manufacture straps to our exclusive specifications – so we can harness their passion and expertise for your wearing pleasure.

ZULUDIVER 300 (MKII) Waterproof Rubber Watch Strap
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