ZULUDIVER 321 Italian Rubber Watch Strap

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ZULUDIVER 321 Italian Rubber Watch Strap

Manufactured by Bonetto Cinturini, the same factory where the strap specialist has made high quality watch straps for over 30 years, meeting the functional needs of divers, swimmers, other athletes and discerning leisure wearers – including OEM straps for luxury Swiss watch brands. Thanks to tech-inspired laser-incised octagonal cutouts, the ZULUDIVER 321 is a perfect dive watch strap for its breathability. On its reverse, precise diagonals grip your wrist reassuringly. Look forward to technical performance and Italian design in a strap combining ZULUDIVER flair with a long history of rubber watch strap manufacture. Strength, durability and suppleness meet for performance you can trust during aquatic and landborne adventures – or back at the office. As with all our rubber straps, the 321 makes a powerful statement about your active lifestyle – even when you’re far from the sea, lake or swimming pool.

 ZULUDIVER 321 Italian Rubber Watch Strap


Material Spec Icon

ITALIAN Vulcanised rubber

Length Spec Icon

130 / 80mm

Water Resistant Spec Icon
Water Resistant

Buckle Spec Icon

Solid Stainless Steel

British brand: Italian heritage

We’ve always recognised Italy’s traditional expertise in rubber watch straps. So it was logical to work closely with respected Italian manufacturer Bonetto Cinturini (based at Vicenza, near Venice on Italy’s Adriatic coast) to develop our fully-waterproof, genuine rubber watch straps. Since the 1980s, Bonetto Cinturini have crafted superb rubber dive watch straps for some of Switzerland’s top luxury brands. The same factories now manufacture straps to our exclusive specifications – so we can harness their passion and expertise for your wearing pleasure.

 ZULUDIVER 321 Italian Rubber Watch Strap
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