ZULUDIVER 285 Italian Rubber Watch Strap

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ZULUDIVER 285 Italian Rubber Watch Strap

The ZULUDIVER® 285 is a soft, high quality, Italian rubber dive strap perfect for your diving timepiece. Manufactured by Bonetto Cinturini, the same factory where the strap specialist has made high quality watchbands for over 30 years – including OEM straps for luxury Swiss watch brands.

 ZULUDIVER 285 Italian Rubber Watch Strap


Material Spec Icon

Vulcanised rubber

Length Spec Icon

136 / 80mm

Water Resistant Spec Icon
Water Resistant

Buckle Spec Icon

Solid Stainless Steel

Waterproof, salt water and UVA resistant

Made from high-quality non-toxic, non-allergenic rubber, the strap is waterproof, salt water and ultraviolet-A (UVA) resistant, so perfect for long days in the sun and water. And while the aesthetics attract admiring looks, the vulcanised rubber (not silicone) means less likelihood of attracting unsightly dust and lint.

 ZULUDIVER 285 Italian Rubber Watch Strap

Performance and quintessential Italian style

Strength, suppleness and simplicity meet our brief here: the 20 mm and 22 mm widths reflect contemporary lug widths and precision strap holes are flanked by additional perforations with added feature of ‘accordion’ expansion.

 ZULUDIVER 285 Italian Rubber Watch Strap

ZD quality assured

With added to two floating keepers, you can be sure the ZULUDIVER-signed stainless steel hardware is up to the challenge of your active lifestyle. This is a high performance, durable rubber watch strap made to work and play hard. From tang buckle to slightly squared-off strap tip, it’s a worthy companion for affordable or luxury dive watches alike.

 ZULUDIVER 285 Italian Rubber Watch Strap
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