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  • The opportunity to own a 1/1 Geckota watch

    To celebrate the upcoming platinum jubilee we are giving you the chance to win a one of a kind Geckota watch. Click here to check out the 1/1 Gecko...
  • We've added DDP shipping to all international orders, but what is DDP?

    We at Geckota have received lots of questions regarding our shipping policy, especially our DDP shipping. When you shop at Geckota, we aim to make ...
  • How To Change A Watch Strap

    A helpful guide on how to change any kind of watch strap using a spring bar tool. Preparation Before you change your watch strap you will want to k...
  • Our recommended watch straps and pairing suggestions

    We at Geckota have put together a strap showcase, highlighting some of our recommended straps for some of the most popular watch models, to help you find the best strap for your watch.
  • Our Partner Surfers Against Sewage Reports On Global Resolution To End Plastic Pollution

    A historic resolution has been agreed by 175 countries to end plastic pollution. This is the most important international environment pact since the Paris climate agreement in 2015. It’s the Paris moment for plastics.

  • Nights Out In Miami With The Geckota C-01 Aurora Aqua Sunburst

    The Geckota C-01 has been undergoing something of a reinvention recently. Not only is it about to receive a brand new name to reflect its unique he...
  • Introducing The Geckota G-02 Slimline

    The First Generation of G-02 Since 2019 the G-02 has been a strong part of the Geckota line up of watches. Designed from the ground up this watch r...
  • Revisiting The Geckota G-02 Diver

    The G-02 is weather resistant and supremely legible. That’s really two of the major qualities for a good outdoor watch nailed. The bold white hands and indices stand out against the blue fumé sunburst dial and bring a very welcome degree of elegance to what is ostensibly an out-and-out tool watch.
  • This Earth Day we are taking the G-02 Surfers Against Sewage to the hills

    Surfers Against Sewage is a marine conservation and campaigning charity which aims to inspire and empower communities to take action to protect our...
  • A Beginners Guide To Watch Movements

    A brief introduction to some of the movements you’ll encounter in more affordable wristwatches. They’re movements and brands, Swiss and non-Swiss, that have historically presented alternative movement choices to large and small watch companies.
  • Introducing the C-01 Aurora

    Introducing the C-01 Aurora, a bold new addition to our collection. We wanted to be more adventurous and fun with our dial options. We understand t...
  • Introducing the G-02 Surfers Against Sewage Watch

    We are excited to be finally showcasing our newest watch collaboration with Surfers Against Sewage, the UK’s leading marine conservation and campaigning charity.