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  • This Earth Day we are taking the G-02 Surfers Against Sewage to the hills

    Surfers Against Sewage is a marine conservation and campaigning charity which aims to inspire and empower communities to take action to protect our...
  • A Beginners Guide To Watch Movements

    A brief introduction to some of the movements you’ll encounter in more affordable wristwatches. They’re movements and brands, Swiss and non-Swiss, that have historically presented alternative movement choices to large and small watch companies.
  • Introducing the C-01 Aurora

    Introducing the C-01 Aurora, a bold new addition to our collection. We wanted to be more adventurous and fun with our dial options. We understand t...
  • Introducing the G-02 Surfers Against Sewage Watch

    We are excited to be finally showcasing our newest watch collaboration with Surfers Against Sewage, the UK’s leading marine conservation and campaigning charity. 
  • Surfers Against Sewage: The charity making big waves in marine conservation

    We are partnering again with Surfers Against Sewage, who have become one of the UK's most successful environmental campaigns, for an exciting new collaboration!
  • Surfers Against Sewage becomes newest Geckota partner

    We are excited to be working with Surfers Against Sewage again! This time we’ve set our sights to making an even bigger difference, thanks to a new collaboration with the marine conservation and campaigning charity.
  • So, you think you know the Geckota S-01 Diver…...think again.

    There has recently been a lot of information on the WatchGecko magazine about Field and Outdoor watches. They're big business and extremely fashion...
  • The Ensign Strap Showcase

    We have curated a handpicked selection of leather watch straps that to go with our new Ensign collection of Chronograph and Single Seconds dress watches. Our leather strap selection embodies the sophistication of Ensign and gives you the vintage look and durability to accompany your classic timepiece.

  • Phalanx Declassified: An official test by a Police Special Operations Unit

    Our goal for the Geckota Phalanx was to create a functional piece of equipment worthy of Special Operations use. We've put that to the test by letting a Special Operations Unit trial the watch though genuine NATO small arms trials, to see how they stack up to specialist equipment in the field.
  • Introducing the Ensign Collection

    Inspired by the sophistication and classic look of 1950’s era dress watches, the Ensign collection combines the look and feel of a vintage timepiece with the durability of an everyday watch. 

  • Phalanx Torture Test - The Watch Version Of Special Forces Training

    To see how Phalanx stacks up, we're vetting their watches through 5 brutal tests used by the British military.
  • The Universal Genève Polerouter and how it influenced the Geckota G-01 Arctic Edition

    The Universal Genève Polerouter is a watch that has a pioneering backstory and it seems that its appeal is enduring. In fact in recent years, the i...