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The Designer's Notebook #1 - Custom handsets & unique dial textures

The Designer's Notebook #1 - Custom handsets & unique dial textures

Hello and welcome to the Geckota blog.

You may have noticed on the Geckota Instagram that we have been posting a lot of 2019 concepts to gain feedback and give you all a sneak peak of what's going on. So far they have been very well received (which we are very happy about) and we have also gained vital feedback in order to let us create the best possible product for you.

Swiss made

The most popular of our recent developments... Featuring a uniquely textured stamped guilloche dial & custom Geckota handset. First on the list to talk about is this new dress watch design. Featuring a new custom Geckota handset which is heavily inspired by the handset used on our G-01 and E-01 models, and a uniquely textured stamped guilloche dial which is inspired by the inside of a whiskey glass (more on that later). We have had a lot of great feedback to the dial texture (which is even better in person, by the way. Think sunburst on steroids.) but what you may not have noticed is the small "swiss made" text on the bottom of the dial... This is something that we are toying with the idea of, and we would love to hear your thoughts on 'Swiss Made', does it mean anything to you or would you rather have the same watch (with the same quality) made in Asia for a lower price?

The specification for this watch is as followed:

Case size: 39mm Case thickness : Around 10mm Water resistance: 100 meters Movement: ETA 2824 / Sellita SW200

Continued design language

The impressive feedback to our new 2019 collection design language prompted us to post the next picture... Building on this new handset and dial texture, but merging into the design of our popular G-01 diver: Same guilloche dial, with a slight fumé effect & this time in a smaller version of the G-01 case with an automatic GMT movement. Again in a 39mm case (You might be able to see a trend here...), but this time in the same style as the G-01 Diver. The G-01 is actually one of our most popular models, with people really loving the unique space age design & fumé dial, but we do get a lot of feedback from people with smaller wrists that we could benefit from offering a smaller version, so here it is. This time much thinner & we have also added some small almost art deco details to the case, with concave sides added to the lugs and the case as well as the bezel & also changing up the crown design to build upon the space age theme. This concept is also with the idea of being our first ever mechanical GMT. We have also added a date window to this piece as it was something that some people definitely missed on our G-01 diver.

The perfect everyday or travel piece, with a unique design and fantastic proportions.

Specification: Case size : 39mm Case thickness : Around 10mm Water resistance: 100 meters Movement : ETA 2893 / Sellita SW330

Behind the scenes of watch design

Our first 3D renderings showing the new case concepts. The original inspiration for our new dial texture, the inside of a whiskey glass. I hope that the images above give an interesting insight to the design process and help you to understand our thought process in solidifying the brands design language. Be sure to stay tuned to this blog section for more notes from the designer and to be a part of the Geckota story.

We would love to hear your feedback. What do you like best & what would you change?

*Please remember everything shown here is a concept, and is very likely to change before production.