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 Lewis McCaskill




June 17, 2022 2 min read

What is FORZO?

FORZO is a proudly British company that follows in the nation's pioneering tradition of motorsport brilliance, which has bred world-class champions and teams throughout history. Inspired by the colours and shapes that are synonymous with motorised competition, FORZO pulls power and precision into one package.

FORZO launched in 2021 as a sister brand to Geckota, and had a successful debut selling out of its 2 most popular models within the first months of fulfilling orders. FORZO watches are designed and distributed from our headquarters in Tewkesbury, England.

FORZO's creators have held a lifelong enthusiasm for cars, motorsport and watches - so combining all three in a distinctive family of timepieces is the true realisation of a dream for everybody involved.

The Current Range

FORZO currently stock 2 ranges of watches, with various colourways. The Drive King was designed to remind the wearer of a past era without looking to vintage through faux patina etc. The Drive King sports the Seiko VK64 movement inside of a 40mm 316L stainless steel case.

FORZO white and blue drive king watch

The Enduratimer is the embodiment of the passion FORZO has for motorsport and watches. FORZO wanted to keep it's design close to the vintage timepieces of the 1960's, a classic era for motorsport, opting for colour-schemes that were prevalent in motor racing during that time, combining vintage style with easy legibility with a focus on time-tracking accuracy and durability.

FORZO tiffany blue enduratimer chronograph watch

What's new in 2022?

Mechanical Drive King

Due to popular demand, the Drive King is back and better than ever with a fully mechanical movement. Inspired by iconic motoring colours of the late 60's this range is perfect for anyone looking for a welcome pop of colour to their collection.

FORZO mechanical drive king range

Limited Edition Summer Drive King

This limited-edition FORZO Drive King is the perfect summer watch, reminiscent of the golden age of motorsport while offering something vibrant. The FORZO summer Drive King range introduces 2 new vivid colours, light blue and yellow.

FORZO light blue watch


FORZO yellow watch

Drive King Version 2

After the success of their first run FORZO decided that they could make the Drive King even better. The new Drive King features an upgraded quick-release bracelet, upgraded buckle and a new sapphire crystal. All of these changes were made based on customer feedback from the first generation of watch. Not only is this a more improved version of the previous generation but FORZO is bring back one of its most popular colourways, the Cream and Green.

FORZO cream and green drive king watch

The fan favourite cream and green isn't the only colourway getting the Drive King V2 treatment, the most popular light blue Enduratimer is getting its own spot on the Drive King range.

FORZO drive king light blue watch

All of the FORZO 2022 range is currently available for pre-order. Check out the full range here.

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About the Author: Lewis McCaskill

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