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May 20, 2022 5 min read

Everyone knows that having a selection of watch straps to pick between can completely change the look of your watch. Whether you’re off to a fancy dinner or out camping for the weekend, choosing the right strap for the occasion goes a long way in both style and utility.

So we at Geckota have put together a strap showcase, highlighting some of our recommended straps for some of the most popular watch models, to help you find the best strap for your watch. We’ve included something for everyone in this article, from leather watch straps, NATO’s, rubber dive straps, metal bracelets and eco-friendly vegan leather straps.

Leather Watch Straps

Leather is always a firm favourite because of its comfort and versatility. Historically, leather straps have always been the 'go to' for smarter occasions, while this is still the case there are many leather options available now that suit a more casual look.

Flat Leather Watch Straps

The Painswick

A quick-release leather watch strap made from high-quality calf leather for a supple feel to complement any dress watch.

Painswick leather watch strap paired with a W-02 Gold Dial Chronograph.

The Dedworth

A more casual quick-release leather strap with a slightly distressed look, made from oiled cowhide giving a vintage feel to any timepiece.

Dedworth leather watch strapfor the Rolex Oyster Perpetual Submariner Date.

The Radstock

A handmade vintage-style leather watch strap made from vegetable oiled top-grain calf leather, ideal when opting for a smarter look or a special occasion.

Radstock leather watch strap paired with the Geckota G-01

The Haswell

Similar to the Radstock, this strap is made from vegetable oiled top-grain calf leather but features much more vibrant colour options for a more contemporary look.

Haswell leather watch strappaired with a Geckota Airstream Gen 2.

The Cheswell

Our dressier Cheswell leather watch strap is made from Italian calf leather in classic neutral colours and a contrasting V-stitch in waxed thread. 

Cheswell leather watch strap for the Baltic Aquascaphe GMT.

Padded Leather Watch Straps

The Vintage Highley

A soft and vintage looking thick padded watch strap featuring a high-quality waxed Italian leather, which has a slight pull up effect and shows off the beautiful natural grain. 

Vintage Highley leather watch strap for Steinhart Ocean One Chronograph.


The Tillington

This leather watch strap is constructed using a ‘remborde’ technique, making the strap feel smooth while making it more durable.

Tillington leather watch strap for Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date.

Leather Racing straps

The Gillingham

Featuring a perforated design, this leather racing strap is breathable, comfortable and made from genuine oiled Italian leather lined with soft nubuck. 

Gillingham leather racing strap paired with our Geckota C-1.

The Radstock

Handmade in Spain. This vintage style racing watch strap is made from vegetable-tanned top grain calf leather. Delicately hand-painted for an authentic vintage look, the strap is crafted to a high standard with extra care and combines the classic racing style look with a bit of vintage flair. 

Radstock leather racing strap for the Tag Heuer Night Diver.


The Lenchwick

Made from high-quality Chomexcel Horween leather, the Lenchwick’s perforated pattern is a bit more versatile, suiting a wide range of watches, especially pilot watches. Sinn 356.

Lenchwick leather racing strap for the Sinn 356 pilot watch.

NATO Watch Straps

For more active days or if you’re looking for a more casual day-to-day look we would suggest a NATO. The perfect straps in terms of affordability, durability, resistance to water and generally being a good hard-wearing piece.

The Phalanx Military NATO

Thoroughly field-tested by our experts these straps support all watches with either 20mm or 22mm lug widths and come in a range of subdued camouflaged colours, each one representing a different theatre of operation in Special Forces life. If you are a Sierra Zero One owner, then you can choose between PVD Black or Satin metalwork to match your selection of the Blackout or Intelligence watch models.

Phalanx Military NATO strap for the Phalanx Sierra One Special Operations watch.

The Vintage Watch Company NATO

These NATOS are in collaboration with The Vintage Watch Company in London and include classic designs that make them the ideal NATO strap for Rolex watches.

Vintage Watch Company NATO strapfor Rolex watches. 

Duntz Leather NATO

Combining the classically cool NATO with a leather watch strap, the Duntz has a rugged vintage look that looks great on a field watch, making it a great strap choice for a field watch or pilot watch.

Duntz Leather NATO strap for Laco watches.

Rubber Watch Straps

Rubber watch straps are typically built with diving in mind, all being completely water-resistant and robust to keep up with an active lifestyle. One great thing about rubber straps is that they come in a huge range of colours to compliment your dive watch.

The Tropical

Taking inspiration from the original Swiss Tropical rubber watch straps from the 60s and 70s, this strap uses FKM rubber for incredible durability and looks right at home on any watch, including daily beaters and luxury brands like Rolex and Tudor.

Tropical rubber strap paired with the Geckota G-02 Slimline.

The Seacroft

With a textured waffle pattern, this rubber strap is reminiscent of the original Seiko Waffle strap of the 60s, complimenting any dive watch. Check out our paring with the G-02 Surfers Against Sewage watch, which comes on both a NATO strap and black Seacroft waffle strap.

Seacroft rubber watch strap paired with the Geckota G-02 Surfers Against Sewage watch.

Metal Watch Straps

Metal watch straps are a great choice for more formal occasions, while also offering robust durability and a variety of styling options thanks to the range of watch bracelets to choose from.

The Langstone

The Langstone is designed to offer desirable everyday durability but also combining the unique charm of an H link style bracelet. This style is a popular choice for many tool watches, such as the popular Tudor Black Bay 58.

Langstone stainless steel watch strap for Tudor Black Bay 58.

The Warrington

The Warrington stainless steel watch strap has a luxury feel and would be well suited to both dressier occasions and day to day wear with its durability.

Warrington stainless steel watch strappaired with the Geckota G-02. 

Beads Of Rice

The Beads Of Rice strap harks back to the 40s and 50s, famously worn on luxury watches like Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin. To this day, the Beads Of Rice adds a splash of luxury to your timepiece, check out our pairing with our new G-02 Slimline below.

Beads Of Rice stainless steel watch strap paired with the Geckota G-02 Slimline.

Classic Milanese

The Classic Milanese watch strap is an excellent choice if you’re after a highly comfortable and casual metal bracelet, much lighter and flexible than your average stainless steel watch strap. This strap is a great everyday watch strap for the Seiko Presage which we’ve paired together below.

Classic Milanese stainless steel watch strap for Seiko Presage.

Eco-Friendly watch straps

If you’re looking for an alternative leather strap that’s vegan friendly as well as sustainable, we have a couple of straps to choose from.


The Westbay is made from vegan-friendly, upcycled fabric that has been responsibly sourced using marine plastics recovered from the ocean. The lining material also uses apple skins and core waste from the food industry, making this the perfect watch strap for the environmentally conscious watch fan.

Westbay sustainable watch strap paired with the Geckota G-01.


The Pina watch strap is made using pineapple fibre, a sustainable and incredibly durable material. While the lining uses vegan leather made from lorica, allowing the strap to be lightweight and breathable. The texture is similar to that of nubuck leather, making this strap a great casual choice for your watch. Check out our pairing with the Laco Kempten Erbstück.

Pina sustainable watch strap for the  Laco Kempten Erbstück.

That’s not all! If you’d like to see our full range of watch straps you can check them out here under All Straps.

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