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 Alice Anderson




July 12, 2020 4 min read

Take a closer look at two of our latest models in the Geckota collection, alongside the design language used throughout...

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when searching for a new watch? Whether it’s your first watch, or something to add to your collection, the first question that usually springs to my mind is ‘what kind of watch do I want?’ The latest range of Geckota watches focus on a new design language not previously seen in any other collection. So, I thought it’d be the perfect time to take a deeper look at each one. If it’s an affordable Exploration watch you’re after, then you’ve come to the right place!
Side by side comparison of the Geckota GMT and Geckota E-01 Gen 2 watch photography The Geckota G-02 GMT and E-01 Gen 2 - Image Credit: Geckota

The Geckota G-02 GMT and E-01 Gen 2 Design Language

Skin Diver watches have always been extremely popular within the watch world. With their attractive grain dials and useful functionalities, this style has highly influenced the design of the Geckota G-02 GMT and E-01 Generation 2. Both series expand our range of watches on offer, building upon older designs of the G-02 and E-01.
Some of the Geckota G-02 GMT and E-01 Gen 2 Collections - Image Credit: Geckota

Dial and Indices

One of the main features of each watch which builds upon the Skin Diver style is the grain dial texture. This is implemented on both watches, maintaining a coherent style throughout our latest range, yet used in two completely different ways to create two unique collections.
Close Up of the Geckota E-01 Gen 2 Dial - Image Credit: Geckota
Alongside texture, both ranges feature similarities through the design of the indices. These indices are subtly raised, and filled with old radium coloured lume. The only exception to this is that three of the GMT dials feature BGW9 white lume, used to best compliment the dial and bezel accordingly. Each of the indices is accompanied by a raised, polished and brushed steel marker which adds an extra dash of detail.
Close Up of the Geckota G-02 GMT Dial - Image Credit: Geckota
Both the GMT and E-01 Gen 2 have the 3, 6 and 9 markers for ultra legibility and readability.


Another similarity between the two watch ranges is the Geckota signature styled hands. The hour and minute hands are chamfered, where the polished finishing is divided by a strongly brushed line down the centre. Although using the same design, the hands differ in size between the E-01 Gen 2 and GMT. The E-01’s are elongated to help suit its smaller dial.
Geckota E-01 Gen 2 Hands - Image Credit: Geckota
Needless to say, another difference is the fourth hand on the GMT. The GMT hand is coloured accordingly to each dial and bezel colour. Every 24 hours the GMT hand will make a full run around the dial. Combining this with the use of the bezel, the GMT hand allows you to tell the time in two different places. If you’re an avid traveller, or someone who is away regularly for work, then the GMT would be a solid choice for you!
Geckota G-02 GMT Hands - Image Credit: Geckota

Bezel and Crystal

Both collections have a curved edge, double domed sapphire crystal making them both extremely strong and scratch resistant. The use of the domed crystal additionally pays respect to original Skin Diver designs. The bezel on the E-01 Gen 2 is solid and non-rotating. Its brushed finishing features the PM hour system etched into it, starting at 1300 hrs at 1, up to 2300 hrs at 11. The 24hr format is commonly used by the military to prevent confusion with timing and so serves as a subtle reference to the best of tool watches.
Geckota E-01 Gen 2 Bezel - Image Credit: Geckota
The GMT’s bezel is bi-directional and features 24 hour markings, making it quick to change between times and keep track of different time zones easily.
Geckota G-02 GMT Bezel - Image Credit: Geckota


The main question when choosing which one is best for you may simply fall down functionality over style. The GMT offers the use of a travel watch at an affordable price point. Being able to set two time zones is majorly convenient. On the other hand, the E-01 Gen 2 features references to military time with its solid PM bezel, making it ultra legible and clear to read.
Geckota G-02 GMT On Wrist - Image Credit: Geckota


Whether you’re after a watch which is smaller on the wrist, or something a little chunkier, the GMT and E-01 Gen 2 do a great job of suiting most wrist sizes. Due to the elongated lugs of the E-01 Gen 2, this piece sits longer on the wrist, whilst maintaining a smaller, popular dial size. For reference, the wrist in the image below is 7 1/4".
Geckota E-01 Gen 2 On Wrist - Image Credit: Geckota
Personally, I have been wearing one of the GMT’s as my everyday watch since its launch back in May 2020. Although I have quite small wrists (5.5” if you were wondering!) it doesn’t look overly large. The GMT is 40mm, making it a comfortable size no matter your wrist size. Again, for reference, the wrist in the image below is 6".
Geckota G-02 GMT On Wrist - Image Credit: Geckota
Watch Lug Width Case Thickness Case Diameter Lug to Lug Length
Geckota GMT 20mm 13.5mm 40mm 47mm
Geckota E-01 Gen 2 20mm 11.95mm 36mm with 37mm Bezel 45.5mm

Durability and Water Resistance

In true Skin Diver style, both watches are water-resistant. The G-02 GMT is water resistant up to 200mtrs whereas the E-01 Gen 2 is water resistant up to 100mtrs.
Lifestyle watch photography of the Geckota GMT Blue and Black Bezel Watch on wrist. Geckota G-02 GMT On Wrist - Image Credit: Geckota


Another important factor to consider before choosing which one is best for you is the movement. The E-01 Gen 2 uses the Miyota 9039 Automatic movement, whereas the GMT is powered by the Ronda 515.24H Swiss Quartz movement. Do you have either the Geckota GMT or E-01 Gen 2 on your list to buy? If so, let us know which one you prefer, or if you already own one then be sure to share your images with us on our social media channels! Instagram Facebook You can also become a part of the Geckota community, and let us know your thoughts and ideas by joining the Geckota Owner's Club.

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About the Author: Alice Anderson

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