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 Sara Philpott




February 13, 2023 4 min read

A new take on the Geckota Chronotimer Chronograph watch in a bold movement driving the Geckota brand forward to stand-out proudly against the crowd. The Chronotimer has paved its way to success taking its place amongst some of Geckotas bestselling watches. With a range of striking dial designs contrasting beautifully with the chronograph movement the Chronotimer has quickly become the perfect choice for those looking for a standout watch with all the intricate details of the chronograph racing watch. There is clear inspiration taken from the space-age designs and the greatest racing watches that were a staple of the 1960’s watch era.

To celebrate this success, we are excited to announce the release of the luxurious Fumé dial Chronotimer in two colour options. Experience new heights of sophistication, boasting a beautiful fumé dial with applied indices, this is the perfect watch for those seeking a bold yet elegant attention-grabbing watch with chronograph racing features. Produced in small quantities each watch features a distinct serial number on the case back. Each arrives lovingly packaged in a Geckota branded watch case and comes complete with your choice of a sleek and sophisticated Highley or V-stitch premium leather strap also branded with the Geckota logo for reassurance of quality.

Geckota Chronotimer Chronograph Fumé Dial Watches

Left: Geckota Chronotimer Chronograph Watch Deep Blue Fumé Dial VS-369-2  | Right: Geckota Chronotimer Chronograph Watch Brown Fumé Dial VS-369-2 Image Credit: Geckota 

Welcoming a blend of traditional with a twist of modern, if you were ever looking for a watch to get heads turning and tongues wagging, look no further. The Fumé dial is not just a watch face, it's a statement piece that speaks to the wearer's sense of style and appreciation for the finer things in life. It's a bold choice for those who want to make a lasting impression and stand out from the crowd. Not only is it visually stunning, the Fumé dial is also practical, with its bold and legible markings that ensure optimal readability in any lighting condition. The intricate craftsmanship required to create a Fumé dial is a testament to the level of detail and care put into each timepiece. The name originates from the French word "smoked" which perfectly describes the mesmerizing gradient effect on the dial. The gradual shading from dark to light gives the dial depth and dimension that captures the light beautifully and changes with every angle. This makes each Fumé dial a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Geckota Chronotimer Chronograph Watch | Brown & Gold Fumé Dial Geckota Chronotimer Chronograph Watch Brown Fumé Dial VS-369-2 Image Credit: Geckota

The gold gilt markers complement the textured Fumé dial beautifully and create a striking contrast not to be missed. The markers are thick to strengthen the gold contrast against the dial and are complemented further by adding lume to the marker tips. A solid 316L stainless steel case in silver off-sets the gold perfectly and the balance of colour has been carefully considered and executed expertly by the Geckota design team.

Furthermore, the watch has been considerately paired with one of Geckotas most hardwearing and high-quality leather straps, the Vintage V-stitch Leather watch strap. This strap fits beautifully with the new Chronotimers vintage yet modern style and offers timeless simplicity enabling it to complement the watch perfectly without distracting from it’s stand-out features. Due to its premium quality, you can be sure this strap will accompany you and your timepiece for many years to come ageing gracefully over time. There really has been no compromise on quality when choosing the strap choice to accompany this watch.

Geckota Chronotimer Chronograph Watch | Blue & Gold Fumé Dial on Geckota V-Stitch leather Watch StrapGeckota Chronotimer Chronograph Watch Deep Blue Fumé Dial VS-369-2 on Geckotas V-Stitch Leather Watch Strap

The overall construction and sophistication of this unique watch design allows it to blend into any occasion or adventure you wish for it to partner you on. We really wanted to incorporate the vintage elements of our previous watches and reintroduce them with a modern take considering the Geckota brand design ethos whilst considering the idea that the design must be versatile. Each watch is individually pressure tested to 100 Mtrs (10ATM) meaning this versatile timepiece will resist water damage and won’t mind an accidental dip in the water. It is, however, not suitable for any deep-sea diving, you’ll need a professional dive watch for that occasion!

Rather than opting for the traditional round sub dials usually seen in a racing watch we have chosen to swap these to resemble the shape of the cushion case of the actual watch improving the overall aesthetic. Geckota has become renowned for the ‘cushion’ case design, and it is something we are proud to upkeep. The movement has been substituted in favour of one with ticking second hands, the reliable Miyota 6S21. The small sub-dial on the right-hand side of the watch dial is the ticking seconds whilst the dial on the left counts the chronograph minutes whilst the watch is running.

Geckota Chronotimer Chronograph Watch | Blue & Gold Fumé Dial Geckota Chronotimer Chronograph Watch Deep Blue Blue Fumé Dial VS-369-2 Image Credit: Geckota 

Furthermore, the Chronotimer features a distinctive crosshair used to help with accuracy when reading your timepiece, this is another nod to the more traditional ideals behind the watch design giving off a classic and sophisticated look. A crosshair design is perfect if you are looking for a more classic luxury watch and will make the ideal partner to any formal event. The result of all these elegant features unmistakable screams Geckota.

Geckota is well-known for keeping our watches affordable but never compromising on quality and at a price point of £399 you can purchase a timepiece to be treasured for generations to come without breaking the bank. At Geckota we understand the magic of a microbrand is finding something that is unique, individual and that can be treasured. The Chronotimer offers just this and with the bold fume dial design the Chronotimer truly sets Geckota out from the rest.

Geckota Chronotimer Chronograph Watch Brown Fumé DialGeckota Chronotimer Chronograph Watch Deep Brown Fumé Dial VS-369-2. Image Credit: Geckota

Watch Specifications:

  • Watch Case – Solid 316L Stainless Steel Cushion case with a Screw-In case back.
  • Watch Case Crown – Signed Screw-Down Crown
  • Watch Diameter – 42mm Case Diameter (excluding crown)
  • Case Thickness – 13mm Case thickness
  • Crystal – Flat Sapphire crystal with Anti-reflective coating
  • Lug – 22mm Lug Width with Drilled Lugs
  • Lug -to-lug length – 5mm total watch length
  • Movement – Miyota 6S21 Chronograph Movement
  • Water Resistance – Pressure tested to 100 Mtrs (10ATM)

With limited stock available we truly recommend welcoming this Chronotimer to your collection whilst stocks last. To purchase your timepiece today, click here.

Geckota Chronotimer Chronograph Deep Blue FumeéGeckota Chronotimer Chronograph Watch Deep Blue Fumé Dial VS-369-2 Image Credit: Geckota

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About the Author: Sara Philpott

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