"Geckota is a Great British carbon neutral business consisting of passionate enthusiasts for horology."

My name is Jon and I am the MD of Geckota. I've had a passion for watches as long as I can remember and I feel really fortunate to be running a watch brand. We have a fantastic team of organised and creative people who work hard every day to bring a range of distinctive abd limited edition products to you.

Jon - Geckota Brand Manager

Our Story & Purpose

Geckota watches are designed with you in mind. They are vibrant, meticulous, and elegant watches, perfect for watch enthusiasts and first-time watch buyers alike. Our design team takes extreme pride in the products that Geckota produces, ensuring that all our watches are stylish, timeless, and affordable. Geckota continues to be a successful, ever-growing and dynamic company that believes in a progressive approach when designing, selling and marketing our pieces. We always design to our best capabilities, taking inspiration from both past and present creations to craft standout, lustrous watches. With full control over design, materials, specifications, marketing, and even despatch, we perfect every little detail and provide you with sophisticated and distinguished products.

Our mission is to fully engage with customers through relevant online platforms

At Geckota our mission is to provide watch lovers, enthusiasts and collectors with a unique opportunity to own and cherish luxury and contemporary timepieces and accessories that reflect modern life.

We will develop and maintain class leading products, websites and social media channels while we engage with and create value for our customers. We don’t just sell products and our customers are not only the people who purchase from us. We create relevant content for people around the world to consume and enjoy.

Geckota packing

Our Vision and What The Future Looks Like

Our vision to be the leading, most trusted and most loved purveyor of attainable luxury watches and accessories in the world. We have a respected, international, watch focused on-line presence.

  • Jonathan Quinn

    Founder & Managing Director

    "Together we are an ever-growing and dynamic company that believes in a progressive approach when designing, selling and marketing our pieces. We learn from every step taken and always work to our best capabilities, taking inspiration from the past and present to craft amazing products."

    Jonathan Quinn
  • Andy Hillier

    Operations Manager

    "Few things are more rewarding than doing what you love, helping a business grow, and seeing product and service improvements have real-time effect. We are masters of our own destiny and the whole works really hard every day to be the best at what we do."

    Andy Hillier
  • Alice

    Creative Team Leader & Photographer

    “Keeping our photography as exciting as our watches and straps is our challenge, I love doing what I love, with an amazing team. The creative team works hard every day to realise our goal of taking an in-store buying experience and bringing this to an international online market.”

  • Richard

    Magazine Editor-in-Chief

    "I truly believe one of the best partners in exploration and adventure is a fine watch. Over 30 years of collecting, my fascination with the technical capabilities of both vintage and modern timepieces has never abated and it is a privilege to be able to share this passion through writing.”

  • Hollie

    Customer Service

    “I really love my job, it’s such a great team here and no two days are the same. Time flies when you are having fun and we take great pride in our work.”

  • Mario

    Video Production

    "I have always been interested in telling stories and making films, so I moved to England from Bulgaria to attend film school and decided to settle here. The watch industry fascinates me and my vision is to create videos that inspire and engage both enthusiasts and novices alike."

  • Ella


    "Working here is a great opportunity for me as I really love being creative. There is a wonderful working environment here and no two days are ever the same. I work alongside Alice on our product photography"

  • Sara

    E-Commerce Administrator

    "Working here is a great opportunity for me to be creative and I really enjoy my role working alongside the Creative team. No two days are the same and we have a really great team who work hard to keep everything running smoothly. I assist in keeping the website up-to-date and uploading all our new products."

  • Lisa

    Order Processing Team Leader

    “I’m hard working and organised and have great colleagues around me so it’s a pleasure to work with such a supportive team. My guiding principle is to be efficient and constantly strive for improvement which I do every day. We all work hard but have fun at the same time.”

  • Suk-A

    Order Processing Team Member

  • Claire

    Customer Service

    “It’s good fun working here at Geckota, I get to work in a fast paced environment and continuously change between different job roles within the team which makes every day different from the next.”

  • Beth

    Order Processing

    “You and your orders mean so much to all of us here. We all give the same care and attention to each of the hundreds of orders that we send out each week.“

  • Tash

    Order Processing

    "I have recently joined the team and I am enjoying the multiple aspects of order processing. Its lovely to have joined such a wonderful group of people who clearly have a passion for everythng that they do."

  • Zoë

    Staff Development

  • Mitch

    Director of Finance

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“High-quality and complex watches for a reasonable price is how Geckota was born. We provide exceptional and timeless watches and watch-straps at honest and considered prices.”