The Geckota R-01 comes in a range of colours and so initially it was very hard to choose a favourite one to wear as they all have appealing features. Originally the Pearl version caught my eye, as I have only ever worn watches with dials of solid colour so I enjoyed the depth and character of the dial, making it easy to get lost in admiration. I also liked how the silver case matched the rest of my accessories...However it looks like my preference has just changed!

After exploring the range and having worn a few of the versions, I tend to keep going back to  the R-01 dress watch with the gold casing, white dial and gold mesh strap combo. The gold case paired with the gold mesh makes it stand out amazingly well in comparison to a leather strap. The Classic Mesh bracelet is definitely my choice. I love how with just a simple strap change the watch goes from a potentially subtle piece to a watch that really stands out and shines on the wrist.

I fitted the Milanese Mesh strap to the watch to emphasise the dressy characteristics. I found the leather option that comes on the watch is great if you are after a more subtle, subdued look. Being a time only, rectangular dress watch naturally the R-01 is formal and classic in it's design. However the mesh strap really takes it up a notch and creates a look to rival high end pieces. By continuing the gold through to the strap the R-01 has the potential to emphasise the smart aspect of a smart/casual look. All you need is a strap change.

Many women choose to wear watches as jewellery so the dressy characteristics of the watch make it more versatile on a woman's wrist. I wear the R-01 on a day to day basis however the R-01 is also suitable for more formal occasions too!

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