Introducing The New Geckota S-01 Phalanx Watch

Introducing The New Geckota S-01 Phalanx Watch

A unique opportunity to own a limited edition watch created with real operational viability…

After nearly 18 months of endless chats, meetings, ideas and development, we’re immensely pleased to introduce to you the latest limited edition watch in the Geckota collection - The Sierra Zero One Phalanx.

The new Sierra Zero One Phalanx is an evolution of the Geckota S-01 Diver, keeping the essential Geckota DNA but now rebranded in the NATO alphabet as “Sierra Zero One”.

The purpose of the watch

The principal objective with the S-01 Phalanx was to create a watch that is not just a gimmick, but a platform with real operational viability which would also appeal as a contemporary watch and represent Geckota design ethos. To achieve the desired level of authenticity and accuracy, we enlisted the help of an experienced special operations expert who has been involved in the birth of this watch from day 1.

The Geckota Sierra Zero One Phalanx watch is a completely bespoke timepiece, with two considered variations: Subdued Satin and Blackout. Each one reflects different aspects of the Phalanx’ design, with various strap options available. The S-01 Phalanx showcases many traits and features that have been introduced in an honest way to reflect what operators truly value when in the field. This purposeful model served users with a taste for adventure who take interest in the origins and philosophy of their chosen equipment.

Watch details

Any surface of the Phalanx that causes reflection has been subdued and in its place is a signature suppressed approach including the dial, hands and case. A PVD black hostile environment version of the S-01 is also available. Decimal time is often favoured during operations which explains its presence on the outer dial of the S-01 Phalanx.

Dual luminescence colours have been used with the bezel marker being different to the dial for accurate use at night. The offset crown at the 4 o'clock position ensures the utmost comfort when involved in outdoor activities such as diving, climbing or professional operational use. A unique 20-minute bezel timer brings symmetry to the offset crown.

The S-01 Phalanx is powered by the ETA 2824-2 movement and each watch comes with a uniquely engraved caseback and individual serial numbers with SF prefix. Our collaborative partner has spent most of his professional life around overseas military and police Special Operations units as a technical adviser and trainer having previously worked in Intelligence.

He has first-hand experience of bespoke Special Forces equipment and how important it is, whether on operation or transitioning its use to essential outdoor and survival tools. It was through this joint process that Phalanx came to be: the mutual desire to design a watch that was thoroughly inspired and suitable for Special Operations or Intelligence use yet would make a perfect choice for those who seek the ruggedness of the outdoor world and demand the highest standards of equipment to accompany them.

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The Geckota S-01 Phalanx is available in two case variations, each numbered and limited to just 50 pieces each. The watch is now available for purchase from £699.

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Want to see the story in action? - watch the official launch video and how we created the watch below.