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May 18, 2022 3 min read

Article provided by Surfers Against Sewage

A historic resolution has been agreed by 175 countries to end plastic pollution. This is the most important international environment pact since the Paris climate agreement in 2015. It’s the Paris moment for plastics.

Commenting on the announcement is Surfers Against SewageChief Executive Hugo Tagholm.

“Today’s historic agreement in Nairobi marks the beginning of the end for the epoch of single-use plastics. The plastic pollution crisis has continued to accelerate in recent years, reaching all corners of the planet, suffocating nature, wildlife and communities alike. International coordination and action on the full life-cycle of plastics, from production to disposal, is the only way to stop the rising tide of plastic pollution.
We must congratulate the volunteers, communities and activists taking their actions from the beach front to the boardroom, ensuring that global leaders didn’t lose sight of this most urgent global threat and reaching consensus to deliver a legally-binding Global Plastics Treaty.”

The agreement follows years of campaigning by organisations and campaigners across the globe, including Surfers Against Sewage. So take a moment and celebrate this huge win for the ocean.

What is the Global Plastics Resolution?

Today’s resolution sets out the broad terms for a global treaty on plastic pollution and has been agreed at the United Nations Environment Assembly, held in Nairobi, Kenya.

Critically, agreement has been reached for the treaty to address the full lifecycle of plastics – this means the production and design of plastics are covered and not just waste management. This offers the potential to cap the production of plastic or certain types of plastics. And the agreement also covers plastic pollution in all environments, not just limited to marine plastics.

The treaty will be legally binding rather than voluntary which is vital to ensuring action is taken and that polluters are held to account.

In addition, the resolution is the first time the informal waste sector has been recognised in international law. This is critical to ensure they have a seat at the table of treaty negotiations and that their contribution to sustainability in the waste management sector is fully recognised, and their human rights upheld.

Surfers Against Sewage Keep Our Oceans Clean

What’s next?

Now the resolution has been agreed, an intergovernmental negotiating committee (INC) will be formed which will negotiate a final treaty to be signed. This is likely to start in the autumn this year and will start to thrash out the finer details with a treaty agreed and signed in the next two years.

Will SAS still be campaigning to end plastic pollution?

Yes! The Global Plastics Resolution is a landmark moment but there is still a long way to go before SAS has a full treaty in place.

SAS are working hard so that governments and polluters around the world are still held to account and that they ACT NOW on the promises that have been made today and in the final treaty.

SAS will be on the beaches with Ocean Activists, gathering the evidence to call out polluters until they change their ways. From the beachfront to the frontbench, they will continue to demand a plastic pollution free future. SAS will be calling for more bans on single-use plastics, for the introduction of an ‘all in’ deposit return scheme, and for extended responsibilities.

We at Geckota are proud to be supporters Surfers Against Sewage and their fight against plastic pollution. Together we have collaborated on a new Surfers Against Sewage Watch, donating £50 of every sale to the ocean charity. 

To find out more about the important work SAS is carrying out, or to get involved with their campaigns, be sure to check out Surfers Against Sewage. 

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